Saturday, October 15, 2011

Enjoy Life's Beauty

Don Taking In Life's Beauty
In The Mountains.
While traveling on a recent vacation to the mountains, we were stopped at one of the overlooks.  The leaves were beginning to turn and the views were breath taking.  For me, it was almost an overload of sensory input.  There was so much to see and take in while feeling, sensing, and listening to all the sounds around us.

Yet, while we were standing there taking in the view, one couple looked at us and exclaimed "there's nothing to see here".  In disbelief, I stayed silent.  My mind immediately began to wonder exactly why it was that they made this statement.  Could they not see what I saw and heard and felt?  Were they not able to view all that surrounded that place we were standing?

Obviously, I don't know their story or how long they had been in the mountains by that point.  For me though, I never get tired of seeing the mountains and the views around them.  It is always breath taking moments of peacefulness and joy for me.

I learned many years ago that we have to stop and take in our surroundings, especially when we are in nature.  This is the universe's art museum and concert halls.  Yes, I know how easy it is to forget to stop in life and allow the busyness of our day dictate our peacefulness and joy.

There are so many things in nature that can draw us inward and lift us high above our stresses of the day.  We can reflect and find insights within as we bask in the sounds, images and air currents of where we are at.

While breathtaking views of the mountains or oceans are wonderful, you can do this in your backyard or in almost any place you are at.  All it requires is just taking a few moments and allowing yourself to connect with the environment you are in.

Take a moment and go outside and enjoy the air, the sounds of the wind whistling through the trees or maybe just the many different birds singing their hearts out.   If you want relaxation and to be centered, try doing this for a few minutes every day.  I have a feeling, you will be reminded like I am of the peacefulness that is around us where ever we are at.

Make your life less busy and there in will you find more peacefulness.

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