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21 Day Gratitude Challenge - Week 1

Week 1 - 21 Day
Gratitude Challenge
In a blog post on October 23, 2011, I posted about the Gratitude Challenge.  Since then, I decided to take the challenge and this is is a journal entry of my first week, day by day.

Week 2 and Week 3 will be posted as they are completed.

I hope that you will take the 21 day challenge with me and if you do, please feel free to leave a comment about any results you want to share.  You can download the calendar of activities for the Gratitude Challenge at the following website:  http://www.gratitudechallenge.com/

Day 1 - The Challenge:
Today I take the challenge and will attempt my best to complete all the tasks for the next 21 days.  The reason I am doing this is because there are many difficulties in life for me at this moment.  I'm not prepared to share them online at this moment but they are extremely challenging.  I need to keep myself focused on all that is good and all that I can be grateful for, currently around me.  It is easy to get side tracked and forget the little things, so this is my pledge and goal for myself in the next 21 days.  I can be grateful today that I accepted this challenge and completed the first task.  Through gratitude, may my heart open to things that I cannot see at this point in time.

Day 2 - Alphabet List Of Gratitudes
a = (apples) grateful for fall apples - the smells, the cider
b = (birds) that sing and fly around adding beauty to the day
c = (cats) grateful for the love of my cats
d = (dawn) of a new day
e = (each day) where I find my way to the next
f = (friends) grateful for friends who stick by me
g = (Grail Tweetup) an experience of a life time
h = (help) help from those who care
i = (ideas) to keep me moving forward
j = (jobs) that appear out of nowhere
k = (kickin butt) to help bring about change in life
L = (Love) it keeps things going in life
m = (music) that lifts your spirits
n = (new) days to give us opportunity and possibility
o = (oatmeal) to soothe itchy skin
p = (pool) of relaxing waters
q = (quickness) in learning and growing
r = (reality) where la la land and phooey don't exist
s = (smiley) who brightens our days
t = (trips) that give you a break in life
u = (united) in love to the next step
v = (validation) in the little ways
w = (wind) that brings new things to life
x = (x) marks the spot of no return.
y = (Yellow) butterfly that visits me each day
z = (zig zag) through life to new possibilities

Day 3 - Thankful For..
Today I feel grateful that my my rash is beginning to heal in a noticeable way.  It is opening me up to something I have never witnessed before.  In addition to that, I'm grateful for my partner in life and my cats who stay close by through everything.

Day 4 - Thanks For Negative Things
Even though I've been through hell and back in my life, I am grateful for what I am learning from it and how it is making me into a better person.  I'm certain as well that what I am still discovering will be more to be grateful for in the future.

Day 5 - Grateful For What You Do Have
When I look around me and I see so many hurting, it is easy to be grateful for all that I do have.  There is a beautiful house I live in with a loving partner, loving cats and food to eat.  Beyond that, it is just icing on the cake!

Day 6 - Call Someone You Haven't Called
I'm just going to say "completed" on this one.  The person that I called, turned out to be someone that just came to my mind and I wasn't even thinking about this gratitude challenge when I got the urge to call them.  So it worked out perfectly.

Day 7 - Picture of Something That Makes You Grateful
Just a picture of the ocean or the mountains from one I have taken on recent trips.  Seeing that puts the entire world and my life in perspective very quickly.

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