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Relaxation Or Stress - Your Choice!

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Enjoying Relaxation
While we can have relaxation without release, it is often limited.  The more you can release and let go, the deeper the relaxation will be.  Imagine a container full of water that is almost full.  Imagine that the water in the container represents stress in your life and the container is your body and mind.  Now, try to add another container full of water and see what happens.  Most likely you will see the water overflow as the original container can only hold so much.  However, if you take water out of container, than you can add much more into it.

Our body is the same way.  We heap stress upon it every day hoping that somehow, it will just absorb it.  The thing is, we are usually numb to what is going on around us and in our life, so we don't even really sense or connect to all the trauma we put our body through in a day.  We just keep doing it minute after minute, day after day, with absolutely no rest in sight.  At some point during the year, we take a one or two week vacation, maybe even throw a massage in there and claim we've done a lot for our self.  Then, we head back to work and push our body every single day for the next year!

After we have done this for a life time, we wonder why our body hurts with pain, or why our blood pressure and pulse is high.  We wonder why we have every symptom of some new fangled disease or health condition.  Maybe it is our genetics we assume or possibly something that we get because everyone else is getting.  We fail to stop and think of just what we are doing to our body and how much we could change the course of our life, if only we stopped and made the choice to do things different.

Stress is fine for a human body but if it is chronic stress with no relief, than it is no different than being traumatized by events in life.  The key to dealing with stress is to really go in and get acquainted with  your body.  Yes, chronic stress may show up through numerous ways or you may be able to detect it via a pulse meter.  However, most of us don't figure it out until its too late and I was one of those people.

A little bit of relaxation isn't bad for you but it only does so much and many bodyworkers fail to understand the full degree of what they are trying to do.  If you go in and help the person release those moments of stored energy in their body from the chronic stress, than relaxation will be much deeper.  You will be giving your client so much more than an hour massage that just feels good in the moment.  Attempting to relax someone before they have released is like adding water to a glass that is full like I mentioned at the beginning.

Each one of us makes choices each day as to what we do with our body and how we take care of it.  It isn't something we can claim to be ignorant of because we are the only ones that can take care of our body.  We make the choices and the decisions whether they are helpful or harmful.  It is all up to the individual to do what is needed and not just rely on a prescription medication to mask the symtoms that are showing up.

Knowing your body and learning to take care of your body starts by making the choice to do this.  Meausring your pulse rate is one indicator of what is going on in your body which will lead you to further discovery.  May you begin to discover just who you are on the inside so that you find the most freedom in your health. 

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