Thursday, April 14, 2011

Healing Modalities Become Our Belief System

Lately I've had many body work experiences working on people, where I felt like I was doing absolutely nothing and yet, so much was going on. I was just there with the person, holding the space open with them, and allowing myself to be there in that moment.

My body, mind and my own spirit heard them and knew that with guidance, that their body realized I was there with them. I had no agenda but to work on the various planes of the body. I knew that in doing this, that I could help guide the mind to the point their own innate intelligence took over.

This is not about hookup, energy work or even about holding the space open. It is more than that. It is about helping the person to allow their own innate intelligence to express itself, in the way that is needed at that moment of time.

All too often, we as healers of the mind and body connection, are drawn to tools that become our belief system. There are many names for these tools and if you pick any healing work name, you will have found the tools I refer to. While many modalities (or healing work systems) are good, we all too often get lost in the belief system of the work. Instead of becoming one with the truth of what works from the healing system, we become a slave to the belief system of the work.

As healers, if we are not challenging all that we know or feel comfortable with, we have become one with our belief system. In order to heal, we must continue to travel into those difficult closets of our own life. Opening the doors and clearing the closets out, allow us to peel off layer after layer towards a greater awareness in our life.

Then and only then, can we see our evolution which is critical to our lives touching, helping and healing others. For if we cannot travel into the deepest parts of our own suffering, how then can we think or expect to do this with anyone else. The healing of our clients is dependent upon how far we allow ourselves to heal and evolve our own life. May we never think we have traveled as far as we can go and may we find a greater connections through our own struggles.

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