Monday, April 5, 2010

Throw The Garbage Out The Window

Until you clean out the closets - you cannot add anything to them.

Many schools of thought in spiritual circles and abundant living all talk about clearing out the old to make way for the new. Consider that springtime is a time of cleaning and clearing out that which is old and no longer needed from the winter months. There is something to clearing out the old that just gives life and your surroundings a fresh start.

When I was young, my mother told me that a minister was talking about "throwing the garbage out the window" in a church service we attended. They thought it was cute that when I got home from church, I went around the house exclaiming, "throw the garbage out the window".

In our own lives, we need to do the same. It is nice to think positive thoughts, repeat affirmations and make ourselves feel warm and fuzzy with all kinds of meditations each day. There is no harm in doing that and it can help us reframe our mindset for the day. However, if we truly want to have those things, we must first get rid of the old. Without clearing the closet of our life out, there is no room for the new thoughts, the new affirmations or the new positive concepts of abundance that we so badly desire.

Much like our physical bodies as well, we need to get rid of the old to let the new in. Often we try to mask the pain through various medications or even various types of bodywork. How many advertisements do you see for "pain management" out there? Take a look if you aren't aware of this and you will see a lot. Pain management only masks the pain. However, if you go into the pain and find its source (the emotional, biological and mental connections), than you not only manage the pain but more than likely you can let it go. By clearing out the pains of your life, you are clearing out the closets in your life. The more you clear out, the more you give your life, your mind and your physical body; room for greater awareness, peace and a capacity to deal with the stresses of life.

Try to take note of the things you have in your closets. Those things that you've shoved away in the closet and maybe don't even recall that they are in there. Just how much of your life is consumed by this and is just taking up space? Take a close look. See all that is there.

Than work on cleaning out the closets in your life including that of your physical body. For the more you do that, the more the closet will hold. This will reward you with so much more in life and will give you a greater capacity to feel peace, calmness and joy like you have never felt before. Yes, some of the things we find in our closets may be spoiled or ruined from the years of neglect but thankfully we can "throw the garbage out the window".

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