Tuesday, July 17, 2012

People Are Too Quick To Criticize

One of the plagues upon our civilization is how we treat each other as humans.  We spend way to much time tearing each other down, than we do building them up.  People are too quick to criticize each other, rather than finding the good in one another.  The positive things in others is always there, even if we have to unearth a couple of rocks to find it.

When we focus more on tearing each other apart and being quick to criticize, we are really degrading ourselves as humans.  It is a strong reflection upon how we view our own life and so the problem does not lie within others, but it is completely at our feet.  We are the masters of how we view our life and those around us.  It is not something that is wrong with everyone else, but where we fall deficient in our own life.

Lately, I've had experiences where I did worthwhile and creative projects only to be dished by criticism.  While I try hard to not do it for what others think of me or what they think of the project, I would be lying if I said that their feedback didn't impact me.  Maybe it is due to my own struggle with self confidence, but if you create something and no one cares, I have to wonder if it truly matters.  Most likely it does matter, but never-the-less, it is difficult when you get no positive feedback from your creativity.

In these recent experiences, I'm sure the people either thought that they were helping me in some way, but the way that it came across was condescending at best.  Maybe they were busy in their day and they never stopped to think what a positive response would have meant.  Of course, it is always possible that my creative projects just plain sucked.  I'll never know because the only response I got from some people was criticism.  It would have helped if I would have heard something positive in amongst that, but when the feedback was limited and this was all there was, it sort of hurt like a knife piercing through my heart.

Is it too much to ask other people to say something nice or positive every now and then?  Is it too much to ask people to not be so quick to criticize only and not even begin to offer anything positive?  Unfortunately, I think we live in a society and civilization where people are just too quick to criticize others.  Maybe we live in a world where our hearts are so hardened by stress and anger, that we fail to connect with the love buried deep within our mind and body.

Regardless of what happens, I still think that my creative projects are worthwhile and I do them because I feel led to do them.  I really and truly don't do it to get praise from anyone.  Generally, my entire goal of doing this is to help others.  What I do find though is that when you create projects like I do, you often are like a lone ship on the ocean.  Most of the time you never seen the true impact of what you did and more likely than not, you will never hear a positive comment from anyone.

I hope that we as a society and civilization learn to be more respectful of other people.  Being a people that are too quick to criticize, is a plague upon this earth.  It does no one any good and it does not bring us together as humans.  We can do better if we try and set out mind to doing better.  We can do more if we choose to do more, or we can bury our heads in the sand and inflict our own pain upon other people.

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