Monday, July 23, 2012

Sandusky and the Paterno Statue

This story has ignited passions and comments throughout the internet.  If you read the trending on twitter today, it is ranking high because they took down the statue of Paterno early this morning (Sunday, July 22, 2012).  While Penn State is trying to move forward and distance themselves from this horrible stain of blood on their university, it will be forever remembered what happened to many children.

Everyone wants to believe that child molesters are some evil looking people hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce on innocent children.  No one wants to think about the child molesters that are normal looking people in places of power, position or influence.  Time and time again, we see this happen from the Catholic, Mormon and Baptist churches to our schools, communities, Boy Scouts and summer camps.

It doesn't stop there though as this happens within families all the time.  The fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins and other relatives that molest their children often go unseen and unheard.  There is a culture of molesting children, while family and friends look the other way.  What Joe Paterno did at Penn State is no different then what happens each and every day in our world.  Far too many people look the other way acting as if nothing is happening.

We have sex offender registries and sex offender laws in our society where people act as if this is the magic key to stopping child molesters.  While I applaud these steps, we often miss what is going on within our own home, city, and community.  It is far easier to turn a blind eye to the truth, rather than living in reality just as Sandusky's wife did.

If we truly value children from birth, then we need to start acting like it.  We need to quit allowing these things to happen.  If you know of something or suspect child abuse and you don't report it, are you not as guilty as the child molester?  After all, who is going to speak up for the children who have no voice at the hands of these monsters, if we bury our head in the sand as if nothing is going on!

It is time that we wake up and quit hiding from what lies before our eyes.  It isn't like we are too stupid to understand this either.  I believe Joe Paterno  knew what was going on.  There is no doubt in my mind.  He wanted to hide his head in the sand just like most people do and act as if nothing was going on.  I'm glad they are taking the statue down because it is a disgrace to leave it up.

On twitter, I saw a post that went something like this.  For those who are upset that they are taking down the statue, please just turn your head the other way and act as if nothing is happening.  While that may seem harsh, it is so true.  When Joe Paterno chose to turn his head and look the other way, he gave up his right to be human, just like Sandusky did the moment he molested the kids.

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