Monday, April 27, 2015

The Energy Of Words

When I read things that are written or hear words that are spoken, I pick up so much more than what is said.  I read between the lines.  The energy of the words come through so loudly and clearly to me.  It is so vivid to me.

I see people write words that they think are helpful, but when I feel them, they are anything but that.  Sometimes they are so energetically misaligned that it is all I can do to push back against them.  Sometimes they are so repulsive energetically that I have to discard them completely.

People mean well and they think they are writing something good, but all too often the ego is the one doing the writing.  All too often, the fears are portraying that they know more than they do.  All too often, the words don't come from a place of connection and grounding in the individual.

In some cases, these people have large followings.  In some cases, too many hang on every letter and word uttered from these people.  There is no cynic mindset or questioning nature.  It is as if the person stating things should just be heard without question or without challenge.

It is dangerous when we listen without questioning but not only do we do it with spiritual and consciousness leaders of our times, we do it every day with our politicians, the influential speakers, and the news that we consume.  It isn't one person or another, it is everyone in this world who professes truth to the masses.

We must question one another and we must challenge one another.  No one has the truth.  I don't have the truth.  I only know what has impacted my life and this is what I attempt to share.

It always amazes me though that if you question or "don't listen to" or "don't believe" what someone says, they take a stance of avoidance with you or they treat you as if you are less than.  They treat you as if you don't know as much as they do.  They discount and disregard anything that goes against the truths they are shoving in your face.

I can only hope that as a civilization, we learn to speak from our hearts, not our ego.  I can only hope that we learn what it means to speak from our hearts, rather than feeding on the illusion that this is what we are doing.  The ego is crafty and sneaky.  The ego loves to have us believe we speak from our heart when in fact, our heart has fallen asleep.

The energy of words is profound.  The energy of our words impacts each and everyone one of us.  If this energy is misaligned, it can cause great harm.  If we do not take heed in what we say or write, it is then that we force our pain and our fears and our sleep upon another.

May we all wake up.  May we all think before we speak.  Sometimes to say much less or nothing is the greatest thing you can share with another.  It is then that your heart is engaged and your ego is checked.

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