Wednesday, April 22, 2015

These Lands

The past few days I have gotten to see parts of this country that I've never seen before. It has been a beauty that seems so surreal. Even though there is much dry and arid conditions, there is so much life and wonder.

I'm amazed at how things grow in the universe around me.  It fascinates me and captivates me. The bright and beautiful flowers which are sprinkled around to show contrast or the rabbits and deer and lizards that go roaming, are so perfectly placed in their surroundings.

I always thought that the desert was nothing but dry, brown sand.  I never realized just how much "life" there was out there.  I never realized just how much beauty and color existed.  The blue skies seemed more blue than I had ever seen and the wispy clouds just added to the depth and dimension of the entire area.

As I went up to Sandia Mountain in the Ariel Tram and saw the snow, the cold wind reminded me of a fresh new outlook in life. Ten thousand feet up, the wonders of snow left behind against the valley and extension of the mountains made it look like a painting on a canvass.

Leaving the Sandia Mountain peak felt like I was traveling in a dream.  The wonders that were before my eyes where I could see for miles, felt like I could go anywhere in one single jump.  As I made my way back down the mountain and on to the airplane, I could not help but notice the irony of connection between the places and moments of this day.

Flying into Phoenix, I became acquainted with a new world that I had never seen. It looked brown and desolate, but yet it was vibrant with life and beauty.  Walking through the Desert Botanical Garden, I saw life in ways that I had not before seen.  

Heading to Sedona, I began to see geographical scenes that I had only seen in pictures or on calendars.  To stop and behold the beauty was like living a magical dreamland that was beyond imagination.   The colors of the magnificent rocks against a bright blue sky captivated my eyes.  The smells of the plants and land provided a fragrance that felt to invigorating and refreshing.

What captured my heart even more was the energy and feel of the place. It was saying to me that no matter what happened, I will endure.  I will stand the test of time.  The giant rocks and landscapes were sharing with me that no matter what, we are here for you.   The trees gave me a sense of connectedness and energy. I felt at home amongst good friends.  I felt like the rocks and hills and trees and plants and animals were giving me what I needed in that moment.

It was hard to leave this place.  I did not get to stay long enough and I so badly want to come back.   I feel it beckoning to me.  These places have left a big imprint on my life and my heart.  They have offered me so much that I can barely take it all in.

One day I will return to these lands, but for now it has helped me continue on.   The images are stored in my mind and the sounds and smells will ignite my senses for many days to come.

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