Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grounded And Recharged at Desert Botanical Gardens

Today, I saw beauty.  Today, I spent several hours in the hot sun at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.   Just as many others said, "this place does not disappoint".  I had just been to the Botanical Gardens in Miami a few months ago and while the vegetation is different in the Desert one, both places offer an unique perspective on the world in which we live.

I love the variation and mixture of plants and animals as well as the variation from one geographic location to another.  When you stop and think about how many species of creatures and plants inhabit this world, it is mind blowing.  I've only seen a small subset of the entire population.

Walking through this area, it felt so good to be out in nature.  The stress load has been high lately and I needed to find grounding in life and just needed to re-energize my batteries.  It is moments like this that help keep me sane in amongst a stressful and hectic pace.

As I walked through the gardens, the sights of the hills (bluffs or mountains or whatever they are called), in the background offered so much to the scenes before me.  While so much is brown and sparsely populated in growth, it seemed like there was much to fill the my sense of all that I could see.  Everything fit into place and yet stood on its own.  This could actually be a metaphor for life.

Walking through the less people populated spots, I could hear so many different sounds of wildlife around me.  It was like a symphony playing for all to see and everyone was in tune, even though each sound source was operating on its own.  Of course, each sound source was probably in an energetic frequency with the others vibrating at just the right time.

The colors abounded everywhere I turned and seemed to sprinkles themselves in at the right moments, enhancing the overall beauty of the area.  It was vibrant colors and they seemed to attract the right flying creatures.

Then it was time to come to the Butterfly exhibit and even though they charged me $3.50 more to see it, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to go through this.  Butterflies hold special meaning in my life, but that's another blog post.  Walking into the exhibit, I believe that the Miami Botanical Gardens has a better butterfly population, but none-the-less this one didn't disappoint.

There were many people in this exhibit and to be honest, I think they should have monitored that a little more.  It was almost hard to move in there and I saw poor little butterflies killed because someone stepped on them.  I felt the same as the little child who looked at a killed butterfly and was heartbroken.

One lady exclaimed that no butterfly landed on her and the caretaker said, if you just find a still point in yourself, they will come around.  Of course, she looked at him and let him know that she is not a relaxed person.

I feel honored when the butterflies come and land on me.  It is like they feel safe and drawn to me.  It feels so full of love and warmth when this happens and the two times I've been in these exhibits, I had many butterflies hanging around me.

In the end when I left the Botanical Gardens, I felt a sense of sadness.  I felt like I was saying goodbye to long lost friends and it was hard for me to do that.  I feel so at home around these creatures and nature and to say goodbye, is like leaving a part of me there.

Its a wonderful experience to have went there today and I'll forever be grateful that this nature area helped recharge the batteries of my life.  It helped me to find some grounding in a world that seems to change constantly around me.

The Desert Botanical Garden is located at 1201 N. Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AR. 85008.

Website:  www.dbg.org

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