Thursday, April 23, 2015

Much More Than We See

Let's say you've lived in a world where you never saw a tree.  Maybe you were stuck inside and couldn't go out or look out a window.  Maybe you just lived on a remote island that had no trees.  Now, let's take for a moment that someone comes along and starts talking about trees.

Of course, at first you think, what is this person talking about.  What is a tree?  You have no room to understand that or comprehend what a tree is.  You don't even know what color a tree is or the shape it comes in or the height.  You don't even know what the purpose of a tree is or how beautiful it can be.  It is totally a foreign concept to you.  It is totally beyond your level of comprehension and awareness. 

Now, lets begin to go through the process that happens in the lives of many people.  You begin to learn and grow.  Your awareness increases and your knowledge grows in leaps and bounds.  You start to discover things that had no consciousness to you.  Things that were once not even seen or understood all of the sudden come into view.

As you go through this process you step through one door or another or you peer through a window and you begin seeing these things called trees.  You see the beauty and the colors and the height of them.  You begin to notice the branches and the leaves and how they are anchored into the ground.  You see the tree as something magnificent that up until now, meant nothing to you.

This is how our lives go.  This is how we begin to see things that we would normally not see.  This is how we begin to discover a deeper level of consciousness and understanding that would normally escape our mind and body.

I firmly believe that we only see what we want to see or what we are prepared to see.  There is so much more around us that we miss and we just fail to consciously notice.  There are much deeper levels than we often connect to and observe.

The only way to get to these other levels of consciousness is by being one with all that we are surrounded by.  It is by noticing what is there and allowing our mind and body open up to what is there.  It is by cleaning out the closets of our own life so that we allow a more fulfilling life to enter our into existence.

It takes grounding and not just a theoretical mindset, but one where we are truly in touch with our mind and our body.  Grounding is the essence of feeling every bit of our life (pain and good), but not overwhelmed by it.  Grounding is being able to be at one with the situations before us, but not being overtaken by them and drowned by their existence.  Grounding is about being real in all situations and honest with ourselves in all areas of our life, not just a chosen few that we pick.

There is a vast world that is around us offering us so much more.  It often takes on the names of many different flavors by different people.  It is described in various ways throughout the ages, but in its simplest form, it is the existence of everything that we can and cannot see.

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