Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Death And Renewal Of Easter

Easter is a time frame on our calendar that marks a moment of rebirth.  It is a cultural and society moment that marks death and renewal.  Many different people celebrate this time in one form or another throughout the world.

In my view, it signifies a time of letting go of what is and embracing a renewal and rebirth.  It is a time of looking from the past and looking towards the future.  The concept can be applied many ways in life depend upon your own set of beliefs.

For me, I know that in order to find myself, I had to let my old self die.  I had to let go of who I was in order to find renewal and rebirth.  This meant going in and doing some very difficult work to let go of all the horrors and experiences I had faced in life.  I had to let myself die, in order to find myself.

Unfortunately, there are far too many that are okay with the norms in their life that they fail to go in and truly find their true essence.  Some will start this path and when the extreme difficult moments hit, they run for cover and never finish.  Its part of being human and sometimes in this lifetime, it can be far too difficult to cross these hurdles of growth and awareness.

I have spent my own lifetime trying to be all that I can be.  I have went in and dug into the difficult moments of hell that I've lived through.  No longer do I focus on the blame of those that did me harm because I'm now focused on understanding how my life has been changed for the positive and the role that I need to play in my days ahead.

It is through all those rough moments of hell that I endured, that I have become a beacon to the world bringing my sensitivity and understanding to a world that is hurting and confused and often lost.  I'm not saying I am some great enlightened human, but I fully understand the hurts that can be inflicted upon another person and through that knowledge and awareness, my life is there to help others.

The more we allow our old selves to die and fade into the past, the more room we have for renewal and rebirth.  It is when we let go of ourselves, that we find ourselves.  It is when we give up holding on to our self-imposed beliefs and paradigms, that we truly begin finding true insight about our life and the world around us.  May we all embrace the death and renewal of our life because the universe needs us to do this.

We all have a purpose to play and the more we can embrace that, the more the world is built up and lifted up to greater heights.  The more we can help serve the world population and world society, the greater we all become.

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