Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hiding Things From Our Mind

To know yourself is the greatest gift you can receive.  Yet, all too often, many of us do not really get to know ourselves.  If you crawl into the back corners of your mind and dig into the closets of your life, sometimes there are things that are ugly and scary.

If you look at it like many in my family do, you would say that sometimes we all have skeletons in our closets.  You might also go looking at it like some in my family, that sometimes it is best to leave things untouched.

In many ways, we use our mind to discover new things about ourselves, but we also use it to hide so much from our consciousness.  We don't truly know that which we hide from ourselves because we spend too much time running and hiding and numbing from it.  Its easy to just ignore it and go on in life singing lullabies to the world.

However, if we truly want to grow and evolve as a human, we can't stand for complacency in our own life.  We can't just accept the status quo, while thinking we are growing and changing.  We must go into those deep recesses of our mind and the dark overstuffed closets of our life if we truly want to discover who we are.

Yes, I know, there are scary things in there.  There are sometimes horrible things in those places.  I know full well what that means.  I've had major things to clean out of my own closets.

We hide things from our mind by disconnecting from our body.  Numbing and dividing our self may help us survive our stress-filled life, but it takes us away from truly getting to know ourselves.  It takes us away from discovering ourself.  It allows us to hide from all that we are.

Begin to sense your body, including the pains and difficult moments.  Feel the breath and tightness of our body as you experience these moments you are hiding from.  It is in those moments that you will find the space that allows you to find yourself.

Don't just settle for complacency because its the easy thing to do.  Give yourself the greatest gift you can by discovering every nook and cranny of your life and then when you discover that, go in deeper and peel some more layers away.

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