Thursday, June 30, 2011

Abundance Or Wealth

Too often, we equate "abundance" with "wealth", and that to be abundant means you have wealth or money. However, abundance implies a spiritual concept of being fulfilled in life, versus wealth that is having great sums of financial resources. Abundance does not necessarily imply that you are wealthy, but all too often these days, it is twisted into that definition.

One of the things that I loved from the movie, "I Am", is their explanation of money, and if you apply this to abundance, wealth or happiness, it really speaks volumes. To have twice as much money as you do at this moment, would you be twice as happy? That is essentially the question they were asking in one part of the movie. After all, if money is happiness, abundance or peacefulness as many suggest, then to have twice as much money would mean you have twice as much happiness, abundance, or peacefulness.

I'm sure that most would probably roll their eyes at this and say, "well if I had $20 in my pocket before and now I have $40, I would not necessarily feel twice as happy." You might feel a little more bounce in your step but not twice as much. If you had not worked in a year and $40 meant a great deal to you, then you might be extremely happy.

Consider this example to illustrate my point. What if some person was living out in the woods and had built a home from the trees, fished in the nearby lake for their dinner, and lived off the land? To this person, they had everything that they needed. Now, someone comes along to explain spiritual concepts of abundance to them and says that they need to do these things to feel abundant and to expect "money" or "wealth" to come their way if they do.

Do you think that person would say, why of course I do? After all, they live off the land which gives them everything they need, and they feel fully fulfilled. They have no desire for anything because everything is already provided by the land.

Yet, to many in the abundance movement, this person would be lacking "money" and they most likely would say, "well with money you could do more in life." Again, the person living off the land feels fulfilled.

You see, I think we mix up the terms abundance and wealth. They are two different concepts. We have people come along that offer courses for $999 or $97 or other amounts and we jump at it because they are an expert, and so they have to have the answers. Yet, we fail to see that we are after "wealth" and not necessarily abundance. We feel that if we have more "money" that we'll be much more happy.

There are many people that have much wealth and many of them will say that they don't feel wealthy. There are many people who have won the lottery and thought it would solve their problems, only to find themselves penniless and near homeless a few years later, with no friends.

Money does not buy happiness. It, however, can bring us things to enjoy, but if all those things were gone tomorrow, what would life be to you? If you have not lost everything in life, that is a question which is hard to answer.

If you want happiness, go within yourself and work on healing the parts of your body and mind that are disconnected and unaware. Look within to find happiness and if you do not like what you see, then work to change it.

If you keep looking externally for wealth and abundance, you will never find it! It will always elude you and escape from your grasp. Happiness is what you glean from your experiences in life as you fulfill your life's purpose on this planet. Abundance is a result of that, and wealth is something you pick up along the way!

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