Friday, July 1, 2011

Evolved Beliefs

When our beliefs become how we see the world, it is time to question these beliefs. While many in our country and throughout our world give lip service to this concept, many fall short.

Growing up, I remember being taught many beliefs by my family, the church and society. Many of those beliefs no longer serve me in my life because as I have grown and evolved.

Here are a few examples of the beliefs I grew up with which were challenged in a very difficult way.

1) The family that fights together does so because they love one another.
2) Boys that cry or are sensitive need to grow up and be a man.
3) Give 80% in marriage and expect only 20% in return if that much.
4) Daddy does these things to you because God tells him to.
5) Do what your father tells you to do without question.
6) You just have to suck it up and move on - feelings are for wimps.
7) Don't do as I do, do as I tell you to do.
8) Dancing and drinking are sinful (except when we do it in private).
9) Family secrets are best left in the closet.

This list could be endless for me. These beliefs were ones that we were taught that you neither questioned, nor disobeyed. Disobeying meant you were not only disrespecting your father but you were turning your back on God. Turning your back on God, meant you would suffer throughout life and end up in the fiery place called hell.

As I have grown in life, it has taken me some very difficult moments to learn that most of these things were rules and beliefs dreamed up by some adult to fit me into the mold they wanted me to be. It had nothing to do with how I would discover who I was as a person. It was more about control, manipulation and adherence to a set of derived vantage points.

We've all got our beliefs and teachings we grew up with. While some of these may serve us well in our life, we need to be careful. If our beliefs control us, than we not evolving in life. We did not come to this world to leave without becoming more evolved and aware. Unfortunately, far too many in this world do just that.

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