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How To Make Tea Tree Oil Spray

Please refer back to the introductory post about Tea Tree Oil using the following link (LINK) or see the list of topics below for all posts in this series. Previously in this series, we discussed the topic, "Tea Tree Oil Cautions And Toxicity". Come back tomorrow for a discussion on "Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil".

How To Make Tea Tree Oil Spray

Since tea tree oil is expensive, it would not be cost effective to use concentrated tea tree oil. Moreover, it is an oily liquid that you really don't want to spray it without first diluting it.

A 2% strength tea tree oil antiseptic spray is typically used. However, a 5% strength can also be made. (The 5% strength is often used to treat acne on the face).

To make a 2% solution (volume = 250 ml), measure 5 ml of tea tree oil and place in a bottle. Add 250 ml of distilled water to the spray bottle and shake well before each use. Tea Tree oil does not mix well with water and will separate.

If you want a 5% solution (volume = 250 ml), measure 12.5 ml of tea tree oil and place it in the bottle. Then, add 250 ml of distilled water and shake well.

Try to be as accurate as possible but here are some general measurements that may help you. 250 ml is approximately 1 cup. 20 drops equal approximately 1 ml. Using a syringe to measure this is much more accurate them using drops. 100 drop is of course equal to 5 ml or approximately 1 teaspoon.

Accuracy is important and great care should be taken to make sure you are mixing the right strength.

Make sure your bottle and equipment used to measure this is clean and free of anything that might contaminate the oil or solution.

To learn about other substances like creams, gels, massage oils or other substances that can be used as a carrier, click on the following link. Tea Tree Oil Dilution Techniques

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