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Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Please refer back to the introductory post about Tea Tree Oil using the following link (LINK) or see the list of topics below for all posts in this series. Previously in this series, we discussed the topic, "An Introduction To Tea Tree Oil". Come back tomorrow for a discussion on "Tea Tree Oil Cautions And Toxicity".

Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Conditions that Tea Tree Oil may help when applied in a safe and proper manner.

Athletes’ foot
Jock itch
Nail fungus
Insect bites
Bee Stings
Cold sores
Gum disease

While numerous laboratory studies have demonstrated antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil (likely due to the compound terpinen-4-ol), only a small number of high-quality trials have been published. Human studies have focused on the use of topical tea tree oil for fungal infections (including fungal infections of the nails and athlete's foot), acne, and vaginal infections. However, there is a lack of definitive available evidence for the use of tea tree oil in any of these conditions, and further study is warranted.(2)

List Of Topics
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7/15/11 - Uses Of Tea Tree Oil
7/16/11 - Tea Tree Oil Cautions and Toxicity
7/17/11 - How To Make Tea Tree Oil Spray
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