Sunday, July 24, 2011

White Noise and Ocean Waves

Recently, I released a CD called "Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds". This is a CD of ocean waves that I captured. While a friend of mine immediately said "white noise" when they heard this CD, after some research, it might not be strictly defined as white noise.

However, I have been playing this CD at night and it really helps me relax and sleep while it cancels out the background noises. I have often used various white noise CD's when I was traveling to help me sleep to mask the noises of people talking in a hallway or doors slamming.

I was playing the ocean waves CD yesterday while working in my office, and my orange cat was so relaxed. At first he wasn't sure of the sounds but it didn't take him long to come over and lay down next to me. Yes, I do realize that cats can really zone out but my cat was beyond what he normally is when he is relaxed. It had a strong effect on him.

The term white noise comes from a reference to white light. In either white noise or white light, white refers to the full spectrum of sound or visible wave lengths. The key point here being that it is the full spectrum.

It is the equal distribution of light or sound waves or a noise that is produced by combining all possible tones or frequencies together. White noise generally is a soothing and relaxing sound that blocks out unwanted sounds or background noises.

In addition to white noise, there is pink noise. Pink noise is defined as pleasant sounds that are relaxing and fill the mind with unstimulating distractions much like white noise. However, with pink noise, it does not cover the full spectrum of sound frequencies and so it does not mask background noise as well as white noise.

There are many purposes and uses for white noise. White noise is great for sleep (insomnia), concentration, reading a book or just relaxing. It is often a help to those that suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears). White noise is also being used in offices to help cancel out background conversations from people working in adjacent cubicles or offices.

When I recorded the Relaxing Ocean Wave Sounds CD, I wanted to get the full dynamics of the sounds I heard on the beach. I did notice that while I relaxed on the beach, it seemed as if time stood still. Although there are many CD’s out there with the sound of ocean waves, many of them do not really capture the true experience and present an environment that connects the mind and body together.

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