Monday, July 25, 2011

You Do Unto Yourself

We've all heard the statement, what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. It's been passed around from person to person, through email, across facebook, twitter and many other places. It is a nice statement that we all love to hear. Yet, does it really mean anything to us?

Take for instance if you read comments on an article in the newspaper. If you read those, most of the time, they turn pretty mean spirited or nasty. I cringe at some of the things that get said on there and then I can't help but think of what we do unto others, we do unto our self. Of course, if you're not one that comments and this doesn't apply to you, read on.

How about the curt word that you give to someone on the phone, in the office or on the street that you may or may not know. Maybe it is some employee in a store or a restaurant that you demand something from or a driver you disagree with on the road. Maybe the scowl or angry stare that you offer to everyone around you. Just consider once again, that what you do unto others, you do unto your self.

Let's take this in a different direction for a moment. How about the healer that attempts to heal the client when their own fears are masking the true nature of the situation. Yet, the healer has decided not to evolve in awareness of how their own fear impacts the work they do on others. Again, let us consider what we do unto others, we also do unto ourselves.

I could continue with many examples of this that we all encounter in every day of our life. Of course, we can choose to act as if the pretty statement that is repeated many times over is our mantra rather than the way we live our life. I'm not talking about each of us being perfect in all that we do. What I am stressing here is that we truly own up to that which we do in our day to others instead of living in an oblivious state to how we truly are impacting others and our self.

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