Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pray Away The STUPID

We pause from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news update! Please stand by for an important announcement!

And now, an address from our local news pundits of the day all speaking in unison which is a first for our world.

Researchers have just discovered that you can pray away the stupid. Yes, folks, you heard it here first. One individual that was drugged, tortured and manipulated went from being utterly stupid, to intelligent. It was a remarkable achievement and only took 6 months. The researchers are now writing books based upon these findings and treatment centers are expected to crop up in cities and towns all across our news land.

Just think of what that does for our world. No more stupid people! Everyone is intelligent! No longer do we have to operate to accept stupid people as we all know this can be changed. So rush all your stupid friends and family into these clinics so they can be treated and cured! We no longer have to accept that they live a stupid life! It is after all, a choice!

Of course - don't buy into what I just wrote for one minute! It really isn't true that you can pray away the stupid, although I wish it was at times. I know that many out there use this tag-line to talk about praying away the gay. That is as stupid as what I just wrote and even more stupid in my view. (Blog Post June 12, 2011 - Anti Sissy Therapist).

We all spend our time watching and listening to what the various news channels, newspapers, commentators and pundits say. We've all got our attractions to the various points of view and that's where we go for our information. However, if you took the 30 day challenge, I would almost guarantee that life would begin to look different. (Blog Post April 8, 2011 - Clutter In Our Life, 30 Day Challenge) We are so taken in by the glitz of what is on TV, that inherently, our brains shut down. Yes, we can argue the points of the day based upon what the TV pundits we watch are talking about but does that really make us intelligent?

There is so much more to us as humans. We truly can evolve and become more aware of who we are and the role we are to play in helping advance the universe as a whole. However, we aren't going to find that listening to the current pundits of the day. In many ways, we have almost made the TV and the news that it purports to display, out to be the God we pray to. It has been a subtle shift over the years and the only fix is to take 30 days and stop watching the news on TV. Your life will be forever changed (in a good way).

We apologize for this interruption to your life and now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Please come back at 11 for the important news of the day.

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