Thursday, July 28, 2011

Danielle's Journey with Conversion Disorder

While I do not know who Danielle is, I found this video through another blog (which I introduced on yesterday's post - "Battle With Conversion Disorder" ). Please take a moment to go and read this previous post and check out the other blogger I introduced.

This video for me is tough to watch because of what I went through. However, I know that there is healing and that gives me hope! My heart goes out to this girl, Danielle because I know how frustrating and frightening this entire ordeal can be.

As you will see in the video, there is a lot of trembling and shaking that she goes through. For me, the trembling and shaking was there but in a much more violent way, almost like a seizure. When these shaking moments would come, they would get so violent that if I was in a chair, I would almost fall out if someone didn't hold on to me. They would not stop until my body was exhausted and my muscles had no more energy to move.

What I have now learned and experienced through my own healing is that the shaking is the body's natural way of releasing the trauma and the stored energy that is locked within the muscles and nervous system. If the right person is able to accompany you through this and keep you from going into what is known as the "fear mode", than healing can be a result. However, in a conversion disorder, it is all too common and too easy to get taken in by the fears that come up. Please keep in mind that the fears are not always conscious but often they are unconscious. While this may sound difficult to understand, I have experienced the healing side of these things through the work of Dr. Paul Canali.

So here is the video. I hope you will check it out because people really need to be educated about this. This does not just apply to the medical field but to regular people as well.

YouTube Video: Danielle's Journey with Conversion Disorder

If you have suffered through a conversion disorder or know someone that has, please feel free to contact me. I'm very open and willing to talk to anyone about my experiences and healing.

Please come back tomorrow for another video about some of the work that Dr. Paul Canali does and the work I am learning to do as well. My hope in life is that I can help others heal from Conversion Disorders and the traumatic experiences that lead up to them.

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