Saturday, July 9, 2011

Space Shuttle, Job Well Done!

Today marks the last time that the space shuttle will launch from earth into space. I can remember being a very young child watching our black and white TV when some of the later Apollo rockets were blast into space. I was always amazed and awed at the site on TV.

When I was about 8 years old, we got to tour Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on a family vacation. At that time, KSC was half of what it is today. I still remember seeing an Apollo Rocket up close and being in total amazement.

When they announced the Apollo Space Program was coming to an end and that they would create a spacecraft that would land like an airplane, it seemed almost impossible. Yet that is exactly what they did.

I will miss being able to see the shuttle launch over our house but I will hold on to the fond memories I have of this great accomplishment by humans traveling into space.

While some may argue purpose and costs of space missions, I know that through Space Exploration, many things have been invented as a result. In addition, we have learned a great deal about the body, the mind and how it all interacts together. You can of course research these things on the Nasa site or through google and see just how far we've come as a result of what NASA has done.

A video was posted by Nasa today from the closet out crew on the shuttle. It is the last time they will do this task from this launch pad for the space shuttle. The video said so much and the link for it is here.

I'll leave you with the comment I left on the YouTube video. "Brings tears to my eyes. I commend you all for a job well done and for all that you've done which no one fully understands in the moment we call - today!"

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