Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trudging And Soaring In Life

Sometimes, there are times in life that I feel I'm soaring through the sky in beauty, awe and above every problem the world has presented.

There are times in life that I feel like I'm trudging through the mud holes of a swamp, embroiled in quicksand as I attempt to pick my foot up and place it in front of me.

Of course, there are also times in life where I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing from the great times to the not so great times.

It is easy in life to question what our moment is all about when we are facing the more difficult times and sometimes just as easy to forget this when we are soaring through the sky. Yet, life is a mixture of these parts.

Life is about soaring and trudging because together we are able to grow and rest. We rest so that we can grow and we grow so that we see the difference in our life.

Too often, we think of the tough times as being something awful, but the funny thing is that when we go through those times in life, we emerge a different person on the other side. We all of the sudden have those ah ha moments where we see things differently.

Once we see things differently, than we realize that there is much more to our life and our path. We understand more clearly that life is a combination of all things, not a sentence of difficulties.

When we embrace that which we struggle with, it is then that we have become aware of that which we know deep inside of our mind, body and soul.

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  1. ahhh...and life never gets boring..up and down we ride the waves..and sometimes the waves take us to unexpected places..






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