Friday, June 3, 2011

Beliefs Often Are Regurgitated Rhetoric

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Let’s go a little further with our, what if scenarios. What if someone came along and said for one million dollars, I will teach you all the secrets of the universe. When you know this, you will be the most powerful person in the world and not lack anything you so desire. Would you jump at this? Of course, I’m sure many would if they could find the million dollars.

All of these things sound far-fetched or hopefully they do, but they are actually real. Sure some may title it as dooms-dayers, Doomsayers or unlimited abundance but if you break these things down, you really need to ask yourself if they pass the sniff test. I’m sure you could think of many examples in your day as well as I have only touched on very few.

The thing that saddens me though is how we as a human species accept that which others tell us to be the truth. We spout off regurgitated rhetoric as proof that we know what we are saying. We have our cue cards and our points of order already made up. We have our ears closed and we are proud of these things because it shows others that we truly have something they don’t have.

Yet, in the end, who are we fooling? We are not only fooling ourselves but we are fooling many that listen to us and follow us either giving millions of dollars in donations or $999 to buy into a program that promises to have all the answers. At the end of the day, is any one better off than anyone else for buying into these programs?

Sure, it makes us feel better to believe our own belief system and promote it, but one of these days, I think we will be forced to answer for what we do unto others in our life.

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