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Mercury, PCB and Dioxin Toxins in Fish Oils

Previously, I have written about Fish Oils and how the toxins in them are of significant concern. (See the blog post Omega 3 Fish Oil Facts posted on 06/14/11). The specific toxins are Mercury, PCB's and Dixon. Most likely if you are like I am, you may or may not completely understand the role of these toxins on the body and why they are so critical.

Here are a few facts about these toxins and the role they play in the body. Sources are cited so that you can read the full story. Of course like anything else that you read, please do your own research and draw your own conclusions. This is not meant as medical advice but is stated here for informational purposes. Since I am not a scientist, I can only share what I have read and have no way to confirm if the following is 100% accurate.

Mercury is associated with 258 different symptoms. The severe toxicity of methylmercury is attributed to its ability to pierce any cell membrane in the body and cross all barriers, even the placental and blood-brain barriers. After crossing these barriers, methylmercury is converted back into the highly destructive ionic form and destroys all cell components in its path. Methylmercury is credited with initiating degeneration and atrophy of the sensory cerebral cortex, paresthesia, (numbness and tingling), autism, behavioral and emotional aberations, as well as hearing and visual impairment.

In crossing the placenta, it can inhibit fetal brain development and bring on cerebral palsy or psychomotor retardation in the latter stages of development. Other symptoms of mercury toxicity include: anorexia, depression, fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, moodiness, irritability, memory loss, nausea, diarrhea, gum disease, swollen glands, headaches, and many others. Mercury amalgams have set us up for most of the health problems we see today. Toxic metals interfere with the normal energy patterns in acupuncture channels, setting up interference patterns in the meridians. The body, in trying to protect itself against mercury, creates a problem of yeast infection.

PCB TOXIN (Source: )
For more than 50 years, PCBs were used for manufacturing. This is because PCBs are chemically stable, have a high boiling point, are non-flammable and are useful in electrical insulation. They were used to manufacture transformers, oil-based paint, caulking, plastics and floor finishes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency banned PCBs from manufacturing use in 1979. However, PCB-containing product remain in landfills. The chemicals can seep into the ground and into the algae fish eat. This can contribute to PCB levels in fish. They are considered to be especially dangerous because PCBs can cause cancer and adversely affect several systems in the body. For more information, check out the website on PCB.

In addition to cancer, exposure to dioxin can also cause severe reproductive and developmental problems (at levels 100 times lower than those associated with its cancer causing effects). Dioxin is well-known for its ability to damage the immune system and interfere with hormonal systems.

Dioxin exposure has been linked to birth defects, inability to maintain pregnancy, decreased fertility, reduced sperm counts, endometriosis, diabetes, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, lung problems, skin disorders, lowered testosterone levels and much more.

Legal Disclaimer: Always consult appropriate medical practitioners and be informed before taking any supplements.

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