Monday, June 13, 2011

Yellow Butterfly Painting

Months after starting this painting and then letting it sit before I got back to it, I finally finished it on June 7, 2011. For some reason, this date seems significant but I could not tell you why I feel that way. While I love this painting, especially the colors, there were some bittersweet moments in the completing this painting. Those moments will remain hidden within me.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors and against the blue, it really just brings this entire image alive to me, not from what I see, but from what I feel. It is simple but yet provocative. It is profound but yet it is simple. If I added anything else to it, the painting would cease to be an image. Instead, it would be a cluttering of colors.

A yellow butterfly is synonymous with angels to me. When I see a yellow butterfly, I always think of angels. Actually when I think of angels, it is more often than not that I see a yellow butterfly. I consider the yellow butterfly something that is of a spiritual nature to me and takes me from my current moment into what is beyond my realm of awareness and hopefulness.

In this particular painting, I tried to give it texture to make it appear active rather than just an image. The lines that aren't perfect, the texture of the brush strokes, the layering of the palm branch over the butterfly plus much more add to the mysterious texture woven into the painting. I won't give it all away because I want someone to look at the painting and see much more than is on the surface.

When I hit times in life where things are difficult or unknown, this painting just gives me a moment of pause and connection. It helps me to know that things are okay and one can always take off from the ground (or the current awareness) into all that the sky offers. Of course, the sky never ends and neither does our awareness or hopefulness. What we see today is not what we will know tomorrow. Our life is much more than that.

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