Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Over It

On my Facebook page, I saw something posted on the Eckhart Tolle page by one of his friends that I could not help but repost here on the blog. The quote is very powerful because I've had this told to me so many times by well meaning people, by family and others that just can find nothing better to say. Each time, I have tried to deflect the pain that this adds to whatever I am experiencing in that moment.

So here's the quote:

"When people say "Let it go," what they really mean is "Get over it," and that's not a helpful thing to say. It's not a matter of letting go - you would if you could. Instead of "Let it go," we should probably say "Let it be"; this recognizes that the mind won't let go and the problem may not go away, and it allows you to form a healthier relationship with what's bothering you." -- Jon Kabat-Zinn

One of the most healing things that you can do is to go into that which you are struggling with and be with it. If you explore all dimensions of it and learn how you can grow from it, than you will transform your life in many ways. By holding back and just hoping it will go away or trying to avoid it, your life will be full of misery and frustration.

More importantly though, these things that become our struggles and difficulties in life, are there to help us grow and evolve our mind, our body and our consciousness. There is a purpose for these to be in our life and when we understand that, we have become more conscious of who we are as a human.

Fear often gets the way of life and prevents us from going into things that we need to look at. Fear is the weapon of the ego that keeps us from going within. It is a powerful force and it loses its power when we grow and evolve in awareness.

So the next time someone says, "Get Over It" or "Just Move On"; confidently look them in the eyes and tell them, this is exactly what you are doing. By taking a look at the situation in your life, you are truly becoming healthier.

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