Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Listen To The Body

In the human species, we have lost our way.  We absolutely have no idea how to listen to the body.  There are books written on the subject and plenty of people rave about the mind body connection, but very few truly understand what listening to the body is all about.

In a recent experience, I saw someone go through a very painful moment of difficulty with their health.  Fortunately we have been acquainted to the work of Unified Therapy with Dr. Paul Canali.  Keep in mind that this work is just not a bunch of feel good concepts or treatments.  It is not something that uses new age mumble jumble to make it appear like it is useful.  It is a practice that has unfolded over time and is based upon science, experience, and is highly reproducible.  You can't say that for many of the things out there, although many attempt to make these claims.

As I saw responses far and wide from many different people who undoubtedly cared about what this person was going through, I noticed one thing.  No one was really focusing on the one thing that could help this person and that was they needed to listen to the body.  All the girations of diagnosing medical conditions based upon beliefs really does nothing to help a person.  In fact, very people really knew what was going on, but it didn't stop them from playing armchair physician.  I can't help but think that if everyone was as intelligent as they thought they were, this world would have very few problems.  My statement may sound harsh, but in many ways it is honest and true.  Again, I know people mean well, but what I read on the internet as responses, made my eyes bulge out, especially knowing what I have learned and come to know in life.

We are taught from an early age, that mommy kisses our boo boos and ouchies.  Indirectly the lesson is, mommy is the one that can help make things better, not that we are the true healers within our body.  I'm not suggesting that we rid of the world of mommies because I happen to think they are awesome super-humans!  However, we are then taught that if we get sick, we need to take this medication or pill or treatment.  Again, it isn't that we focus on what the body can do, but we focus on some outside source curing the situation.  The power to connect within ourself and heal our body is taken away from us.  Time and time again, we go through our years of growing up learning this lesson over and over.  We were never taught that we need to listen to the body.  We are only shown that the healing and answers we need come from sources outside of ourself.

While I'm not going to sit here and claim that all medicine or medical procedures are wrong, I will say that if we begin to listen to the body we would most likely not need as much medical intervention as we do.  You can disagree all you want with that, but I will tell you from first hand experience how much truth I have seen in this and how much it has changed my own life and the life of many others. I am not speaking from a fairy tale perspective.  I am speaking from personal experience.

This person that I know could have freaked out and let fear run wild with needing to know aspects of what was going on that most likely would have done little to solve the problem.  Yes, you do need to be careful that in some situations, immediate medical care is necessary.  Please don't misunderstand me here.  However, this person was able to determine from past experience and by listening to the body that there was an emotional stressor at the root of the situation.  It was not necessary that they could articulate all of this, as it was they could connect with it.

You see, we spend all of our time and money chasing what we claim are cures today, while ignoring the basics of what is behind pain within our body.  We want to be delivered from the painful moments in life rather than uncovering what it is that our body is trying to tell us.  It is much easier to take a pill or go through a procedure and mask what is showing up, rather than stopping and truly becoming acquainted with our body and all the experiences we have endured in our life.

Let me go back to the work of Dr. Canali for a moment, because it is all about going within and listening to the body.  It isn't just a mental exercise that he does, but a method where you actually travel into the fears that exist, and feel and connect with the felt sense of your body.  It is at that moment, that you become connected to your true self which allows your body to change as it becomes more aware and conscious.

Is it easy to do what I am suggesting here by listening to the body?  No, it is not!  It takes some work along with courage and the help of someone who has traveled through the hell of their own life, to find that moment of inner peace and connectedness within.  Listening to the body is not some new age technique, but one of really going in and stopping to feel all parts of the body, especially the painful spots.

The more we listen to the body, the more we truly empower our own healing from the core. We change our life in ways that is more than just a momentary fix, but one that fundamentally helps us discover who we are deep inside. The more we avoid doing this, the more we sentence our life to pain, misery and difficulty.  It is up to each one of us whether we choose to wake up or we embrace the same thing we have always done.  The thing that leads you to freedom can be found when you listen to the body.

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