Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talk From Your Heart

In these current times, we hear rhetoric that essentially adds nothing positive to anyone's day.  Yet, it doesn't stop us from letting it flow from our mouth.  It is rather sad that we are at a point in our culture, both in the media and in normal every day conversation that we feel we need to push our beliefs, rather than talk from the heart.  I know, many people would claim they don't do this, but then if they really opened their eyes and hearts, they would see that they do.

I always enjoy reading blog posts where the author writes about their own experiences and what brought them to the point of writing a particular blog post.  I feel like I can connect with what they say, in a way that they say it, just because they are speaking from their heart.  One such blog touched me deeply because this friend of mine shared something so private and intimate that I could connect with through his own words.  His blog post was titled, "Lost My Words".   He was talking from his heart and when he did that, it made the connection easy and instantaneous.

Last night, I was reading a book by Doreen Virtue.  She is a person that I really admire.  I know she had shared some of her story in an earlier book, but so many details had been left out.  It was hard for me to really connect with her at a deep level, because I was not sure if what she was writing about was just belief, or personal experience.  In her book, the Angel Therapy Handbook, Doreen Virtue really went into details about how she arrived at the point she is at today.  It made a world of difference reading these details because for the first time I can see her path more clearly and relate to it.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog post, so much rhetoric these days takes away from our experiences on this planet.  We generally push our beliefs and opinions on others as if it is a dire circumstance that they need to hear them.  We generally don't give up until we feel like they have heard us and often we walk away from the conversation bristled with frustration.  Yet, we give them nothing to connect or relate to in our life.  We give them our opinions and beliefs, even if we cannot see this in the moment.  Instead we need to learn to talk from our heart.

I also see this when people start talking about their religious orientations.  What I often hear from people is what they have been told and taught in church, not what really connects with them deep inside.  Generally you don't hear specifics of how their beliefs have changed their life and if you do, the circumstances often don't add up to facts that are believable.  Instead of talking from their heart, they are preaching and giving you beliefs that have been passed down through the ages.

It is so difficult to connect with a conversation of beliefs, because beliefs are usually founded upon things that a person is trying to understand and search for in their own life.  While I know people will say that they believe whatever it is to be true and it is the truth for their life and everyone in the world, if you look behind the words, you will see them searching for meaning and purpose.  The beliefs are often the disguise and coverup to what is really going on.  Usually the harder and more dramatic the beliefs, the more the person is struggling on the inside.  Again, if you talk from your heart, no one can object or feel misled, because you are speaking from your own center of truth and pureness.

Try talking from your heart and see if it doesn't change how you communicate with others and how they respond to you.  You can read more about how I have been working on this very same issue in a previous blog post I wrote on "Needing To Be Right".   Not everything that you believe and not every opinion you have rises to the importance of sharing it with everyone you meet.  Just because the media reports something as fact, beware because more often than not it is the author's opinion sprinkled with facts.

Learn to talk from your heart and your rhetoric will enhance your day and those around you.  When you talk from the heart, you will be making a difference in the world because you will be authentic and the more authentic you become, the greater positive impact you will have.  When we get to really know ourselves, it is then that we learn what really matters and what is a negative influence on the world around us.

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