Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facing Difficult Moments In Life

When you face those difficult moments in life that challenge you beyond belief, there is one thing to keep in mind.  You will get through it!  No matter how bleak the situation may appear, there is a way through.  Yes, it may feel like the challenge is too great, but don’t give up and don’t ever quit.

There is a saying that when it seems like you are up against the impossible, don’t stop moving because you might just be standing at the threshold of finding your way through the situation you are facing.  It is easy to see it as being impossible, but step outside of the current box you are in and see what other tools are within your grasp.

Often times the fear builds within us, feeling like we don’t have what it takes to make it or accomplish what lies before us.  All the messages we have been taught play in our mind, attempting to convince us that we are not good enough, we cannot find our way through this or we don’t have what it takes.  Don’t listen to these messages.  They only invite more fear into your life.  The more fear that builds up, the less your mind will be able to accomplish the task of evaluating choices and making decisions that will lead you from the difficult moments you face.

Recognize that the more fear increases, the more anxiety, depression and despair you will experience.  Fear is very cunning and crafty.  It knows how to disguise itself while working hard to control every emotion and thought you may have.  Often times, it is hard to even acknowledge or see that fear is present in this situation.  Often times, you have very little understanding of the ways in which fear is showing up or impacting your life.  However, that does not mean it does not exist.  It does not mean it is no impacting your life in severe ways.

In difficult moments, hold on to the slightest thread of hope that you can find.  Hope can come in many forms from a friend or someone that understands or even an insignificant event that may just be at the right moment and at the right time.  Look for these moments of hope and try to identify them.  Realize that they may be difficult to see through the lenses of fear you most likely are experiencing.  If you have to repeat that slightest bit of hope to yourself every other minute to keep you going, then by all means do it!

Realize too that any difficult moment you face, there is something to learn from it.  It is an opportunity to grow and gain further awareness in your life.  These lessons may not be apparent in the moment and while you may not want to force this awareness, stay open to their presence and seek them out.

Remind yourself that there have most likely been other times in your life where all felt hopeless and lost.  However, you were able to find your way through those moments.  Of course now, you can look back and see them for what they were, while most likely in the heat of the moment, they seemed hopeless.

Remind yourself of these things to help give you hope that will carry you forward through this rough spot you have encountered.  At the end of the day, know that this too shall pass into another phase, form or possibility for your life.

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