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We Block Our Abundance

We Block Our Abundance
For the first time in my life, I think I'm getting it!  After years and years of fighting to understand abundance, I think I'm beginning to get a glimpse of what it truly is all about in life.  Now, I'm not sitting here and saying I know all there is and my life is all perfect at this moment, but I've come a long ways.

I'm really beginning to learn that we block our abundance in so many ways.  It really is "us" who gets in the way of all that we are part of in this big universe.  Yes, I know that this may sound way too simple and almost like someone who doesn't understand would state as fact.  I'm here to tell you though, that this is exactly what I have been learning.

It isn't the government, or places of business or families, friends, churches or the evil in this world that stops us from connecting with the true source of our life.  It isn't all the people who have done us wrong in life or the obstacles we think are in our way.  It is not the sun, moon, stars, or some fallen energetic force that stands in our way.  Let me state this again that we block our abundance.

When I first started listening to Christie Marie Sheldon's course on Unlimited Abundance, I thought it was a little too good to be true.  I expected it to be another program that was going to take my money and leave me nothing in return.  I had several books and while they offered insights, they just didn't fit in with me.  In fact, one book out there which I won't name right now urged people to tithe to a church in order to find abundance.  I'm sorry, but that isn't the way to do this!  It might help if that is an issue in someone's life, but it isn't the way towards abundance.

Then, I saw all these people wishing for boats in their front yards, or for a brand new house or for all kinds of material possession as a means to abundance.  At the time, I thought this appears to be crazy and please excuse me if that offends you.  However, abundance has nothing to do with creating a Christmas list of wishes and wants to have delivered to us if we think on them hard and long enough every day.  Sure, if we focus on something, I fully believe we can manifest it, but just to focus on material possessions is nothing short of following a path leading to the edge of a cliff.

As I have been learning, I have to step out of my own way and learn to let go of the blocks in my life that prevent abundance.  This  is not easy and after a lifetime of putting these blocks in my life, it takes some time to deprogram and remove these things.  Just learning to recognize that we block our abundance was a major step forward.  It began to show me just how much I stand in the way of what I so desire.

Through these months, I have begun to let go and clear out all those things that I so tightly held on to in my life.  I'm not through yet, but I've come a long ways.  I can see things beginning to fit together in my life that are opening up paths forward for me.  I am seeing my needs met in a timing that could not be more perfect.  I am seeing my attitude look forward, rather than look at the gloom and despair.  I am starting to make deeper connections with people than every before in my life.

Yes, the fears are there and I still have blocks from my full abundance.  I get worried at times even though things are changing, and I have to remind myself that these are fears, not reality.  The more the fears control my life and the more I let them take over my days, the more I am blocking my abundance.  Learning to step into the fear even with knees that are knocking and teeth that are chattering, I will find my way through this.

In the past few days, I've had two people who I truly respect tell me that the more I step out of the way and the more I put myself out there, that all things will happen in the way they are supposed to take place.  While I'm shaking and trembling at the thought of doing things that I desire to do, I know that my path forward is by walking among my fears, not shying away from them.  I know that the more I let go of the blocks in my life, the more I will find not only abundance but peace and the path I am meant to walk.

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