Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finding Our Authentic Self

Finding Our Authentic Self
It is easy for each one of us to go through our day oblivious to all that we hold within about who we truly are.  We listen to far too many people who really don't know much more than we do, yet we trust their judgement over ours.  We see the loudest, smooth talking person as having all the answers and yet we fail to find our authentic self.

Our authentic self isn't going to be found in a book or program or person or organization of beliefs.  It isn't going to be found under the shiny lights or the most attended lectures we can find.  It isn't going to be found by listening to someone preach from a pulpit once a week proclaiming they have all the answers.

We find our authentic self when we travel deep within our mind and body.  When we touch the source of our pain and existence in life, we become acquainted with truth and authenticity.  This is not a mental exercise that we do, but one that we feel through the felt sense of our body, connected to our mind.

All too often, we avoid the difficult places in our life because they are too painful or appear bigger than the tallest mountain we have ever seen.  However, if we choose (and we make the choice) to travel within, we will find the purest part of our self.  It is through our experiences, both good and bad, that we see our self for what we truly are.

Our authentic self is nothing you can find outside of yourself.  As much as you may want to try to do this, you will miss it.  Give up your beliefs that are taking you nowhere and instead make the choice to go within.  Travel deep into your mind, body, and spirit to discover what is waiting.  For once you find your authentic self, it is then that you will grasp on to the greatest reward that life offers.

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