Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today Is Election Day

I'm haunted by what I see reported in the media and through social media each day.  Today is election day in the US, but from the looks of the last year or more, it has been anything but civil.  In fact, it is almost hard to comprehend that this process brings out the humanness of our civilization.  I am saddened by the display of hatred, rhetoric, and disrespect throughout this entire political campaign.  I say this towards all voters and all political parties, because no one is innocent in this process.

Why is it that we feel we must tear each other down in our country, rather than building each other up?  Why is it that we feel that the only thing that matters in our day is how much we shower our hatred and anger upon our political opponent?  We do not even attempt to listen to one another or try to understand where the other person is coming from in this political debate.  All we seem to care about is going to our respective corner and hurling insults and accusations until our voice is so hoarse that we can no longer scream.

Our political process has become an entity that is failing to serve the people who created it.  Each and every person throughout the history of our country created what it is today, but then the ego took over.  The ego realized that the more power and control you have in this world, the greater you become.  So, even though today is election day and we are exercising a fundamental right in our society, the process and end point has nothing to do in what is best for all of mankind.  It is more about the thirst for power and control, disguised as the right patriotic thing to do.

What even disturbs me more is the amount of money that is spent on the election process.  By the time election day comes around, we will have spent several billions of dollars fighting for a job that pays less than most executives in major corporations.  It is mind boggling to say the least.  It disturbs me that there are people out there starving and struggling to keep the lights turned on, yet we find it necessary and important to go out and waste billions of dollars just for the sake of power and control.  Is this a good reflection upon each one of us as humans?

Even though today is election day, I know that when it is done, the media will process and pontificate on our entire process.  They will have pundits spewing one set of principals or another and acting as the judge and jury over the process.  Of course, the willing participants at home will gobble all of this rhetoric up at home and suddenly forget all about it in another four years during the following election.  In fact, it will be just like it never happened during the next election, but for the days following this one, it will be all that is raved about in the news.

I really wish that our society would wake up.  I wish the humans inside of our civilization would become aware and conscious, rather than just gulping down every tidbit of information that is passed by them in a day.  There is more to life than being consumed by these things and there is more to the human experience than following along with the regurgitated political lines each and every day.

May we all learn and grow as humans, rather than let ourselves be told how to think, feel, and act.  For to be human means that we find our truth deep inside of us, not that we look to the outside world where we resonate with what is being said.  Who we are as a society can only be as strong as who we are as an individual.  The government of our country or any country is dependent upon its survival by how strong each person is and how we work together to make each one of us stronger.  At no point does it require that we tear each other down in a game of political wins and losses.  We are much better than that and if we are not, then God help our world!

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