Friday, November 16, 2012

When Your Body Hurts

When Your Body Hurts
Sometimes we as humans make things far too difficult.  When your body hurts, it is time to stop in life and take stock of what is happening.  Body pain and hurts is signaling to you that something is wrong and you need to pay attention.

Unfortunately, we as humans tend to reach for the pain pills or rush to the doctor at the first sign of body pain.  We don't stop and take inventory of our life, or if we do, we feel like were too busy to do anything about it.  So we continue pushing ourselves and propping ourselves up with stimulants, drugs, and constant activity in order to keep us going.  However, the more we do this, the more we are playing into a never ending cycle of pain, physical destruction and approaching the edge of no return.

When your body hurts, the first thing to do is stop and take an inventory of your life.  What is happening in your life, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (and I'm not talking religion either).  Usually there are events taking place that have led up to the body issues or there is emotional turmoil going on within your life.  You may be unaware of it, but that doesn't mean it exists.

After you have taken an inventory of what is happening in your life, determine which things you can do something about and take action.  You might not be able to solve all of them at once, but you can begin to take steps to work through whatever issues you are facing.  Determine which things are out of your control and work at letting those things go.  If you can't solve them or do anything about them in that moment, stressing and worrying about them isn't going to help.  I had to learn that one a long time ago and I still keep having to learn it.

Most of all, take the steps that you can, but give your body some rest.  Find ways to relax and de-stress your life.  You don't need to do everything for everyone out there and you don't need to do it all at one time.  Find out what matters in your life and then focus on it.  Don't get taken in by all the things that seem like great ideas or you feel you must do.  Keep your life focused on what makes your heart sing and what energizes you in your day.  That is your barometer as to how you are dealing with life.

I know, we all have our worries, concerns, issues and struggles.  It isn't easy sometimes in life, but all too often we make it more difficult than it needs to be.  We wait until our body hurts before we think about taking action that we need to take.  When your body hurts is the time when you really need to stop, sense and feel.  It is the point where the body is desperately trying to get your attention and if you ignore it, it will raise the stakes.  Your body will find another way to get your attention, but hopefully you will wake up before it gets to that point.  Trust me - I've been there!  Read my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma for more on my story.

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