Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dream Of Rushing Water And Cement Truck

Dream Of Rushing Water And Cement Truck
Last night I had one of those unusual moments that really doesn't make sense.  It was a dream about rushing water and a cement truck.  In the dream, the location was in a mountainous and hilly location which had gotten a lot of sudden rain.  For some time the weather forecasters had been telling people to take cover because there was going to be enormous amounts of rain fall.  However, people went along with their daily lives thinking that all of these warnings meant nothing.

Then, it happened!  The rain started to fall suddenly and in a great quantity.  It came rushing down out of the mountains and hills towards a valley and soon the water was so deep.  My friends and I along with some people I really didn't know, were driving this cement truck and drove it on to a big raft.  We got there just in time for the water to swoop down and lift us off with people trying to jump on the raft as the water pushed it away.  People were running and screaming for help, wanting us to stop to let them on the raft, but there was no way to stop the raft.  Finally the raft came to a standstill as the water began to spread out.  I don't exactly remember what the cement was for, but I believe it was to start building the wall of a dam up.

Often in my dreams, I don't remember most of them, but this one has lingered with me well into the morning.  I have gotten the sense many times in life that I am there to help people, but I'm on a path that few are able to understand.  In fact, many people really ignore the truth behind their existence and even though you try to inform them of these things, it is like they don't even attempt to listen. The cement truck seems to represent something of creation or a creative force and a substance that can build a foundation.  In many ways, that may apply to my life right now because I am very creative, but more importantly, I am opening myself up to creativity when it comes to building a foundation for healing.

According to searches I did of dreams online, water tends to be a representation of emotional situations in life.  Cement trucks may indicate a fresh new start in life or it may indicate firm and concrete plans that are already in motion.  Rafts seem to indicate journeying into new areas of life, but that times may be uncertain or turbulent. 

All of these things and more could be a real life representation to me from this dream.  I'm careful to not just look at dreams as the sole message, but I see if something else that backs them up or they give proof to other things I observe.  I do know I am embarking upon a journey that is not certain, but one I feel led to travel in life.  So, in many ways this dream feels like it is significant and not just a dream about rushing water.

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