Friday, November 23, 2012

Stop Fighting Yourself

Stop Fighting Yourself
One of the most difficult things to realize when you are going through hell in your life is that learning to let go is most likely the thing that you need the most.  The more you fight, the more you slow down progress.  Stop fighting yourself and you will find your way through the difficult moments.

While I realize that what I am saying is much harder to do then write here on the screen, I know from first hand experience how true this is.  You see, the more we fight going into the pains and difficulties of life, the more we feed hopelessness and feel full of despair.  The more hopeless we feel, the less we tap into the power we hold within our bodies.  We take on an energy of fighting against ourselves, rather than working with our mind body to uncover what it is that we need to become aware of in our life.

Fighting is the easy way out.  It is the normal part of our ego and our unconscious self.  The difficult part is learning that fighting with our self is not getting us anywhere.  Instead, the more we surrender into the situation and we try to learn what message is attempting to be delivered to us from our mind and body, the more we will heal our life.  Each of us are a powerful entity that when we tap into that power, we can transform our lives.

Sure, most likely this seems to good to be true, but I have seen it unfold in my own life.  I am not talking from a place of happy thoughts, but from pure experience.  It is when I learned to let go of what was coming up in my life, that I found true healing and freedom.  When we shift ourselves out of despair, we can then harvest that energy to move us forward into hope and possibility that we may not even realize exists.

I also wrote about this in my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma in the section titled, "Are You Ready To Let Go?" (on page 47).  My book is available in paperback or kindle format on Amazon.

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