Friday, November 30, 2012

Favorite Blog Posts Nov 2012

Blog :  The Good Men

Topic:  Soul Is Hard To Find
Date Posted:  11/05/11

I love reading the stuff that Rick Belden writes for the Good Men Project. This is a great site with wonderful insights that really cut through the clutter and BS of life.  This post is just one example and I urge you to check out the rest of his website, The Good Men Project (see link above). 

In this topic, so many of us grow up in religious homes and when we are young, these teachings really take over our life.  Being taught from an early age about how bad things are going to get us if we don't believe a certain way, continues on throughout our life.  It makes us vulnerable to other controls and manipulations in our society.  

I've come to learn that the most important spiritual practice I can have is to get to know myself deeper, each and every day.  It isn't about having religious beliefs or following some new age practice rituals.  It is about getting to know ever part of our being, and then once we think we've got it, we begin on a much deeper journey.

For many of us who were abused at the hands of those in a church or professed God to all corners of the world, these religious rituals mean very little.  Yes, they do influence life and our mind, but they no longer hold the control that they once did.  We are able to see through the fog of beliefs and recognize them for what they are, not for the truth that is perpetuated at will.  You can disagree with me all you want, but I've been to the mountain and see what is on the other side for myself.  I have no need to participate in this charade any longer.  It doesn't mean I am not spiritual, but I view it completely different than most of the world.

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