Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Healing Disease With Smothies

This is the program we have followed and after 4 years, we still do this every day. The best part about this program is you don't have to go to some company and buy something to take every day. You purchase everything you need at your local grocery store or grow it in your garden. It does take a high powered blender which isn't cheap to buy, but so far the one we bought has lasted 4 years. I have heard many stories now of people who have changed health conditions in their life from following what Jeff Primack teaches.

In this blog post, notice the picture of the blender we use.  It is the Blendtec blender and is powerful enough to chop through everything required for these smoothies, seeds and all.  I believe it is the blender of choice for Jeff Primack.  They are available through places such as Amazon.  A regular blender just won't do the job that is required to make these smoothies, so don't even waste your time with a cheap blender.  If you are going to do this, invest in a good, high powered blender.

We don't take any medications or flu shots or anything else that most people do.  After doing these, we don't get sick with the flu or colds like the general population does.  Yes, there are times we will get run down, but when we drink the smoothies, we bounce back much more quickly.  The more we consume of these smoothies, the more I realize that my desire for whole foods increases.  I think we are eating much more healthy as a result of these healing smoothies.

Don't take my word that the healing smoothies works or that Jeff Primack claims you can reverse many diseases with it.  Check out the following video to see first hand accounts of how it has changed the lives of everyday people.  When we first started doing it, we didn't know if it was all hype or not, but at the minimum we knew we were getting some very good nutrition every morning.  For that reason, we decided to give it a try and I'm glad we did.

Here's a previous blog post I wrote on Food Based Healing Smoothies.

Check this video out:  Testimony Of Food Healing .

You can learn more about Jeff Primack by visiting his website, www.Qigong.com .

I know everyone has all kinds of things out there that are healing from drinks to tablets to candy bars.  I can not vouch for all of these things if they are effective or not, but each company of course makes the claim that they work.  My biggest problem with all of these healing products is that you have to buy them from these companies and hope they will work.  Most of the time, they are either expensive or wrap you into the MLM marketing schemes.  Over the years, I've been taken and hoodwinked by far too many of these things.  The good part about these smoothies is I can go and buy the produce from my local grocery store or grow it in my garden and I know exactly what is going into it.  There are no up-sells, high costs or ridiculous marketing schemes.   I know first hand just how effective these smoothies are and I will keep doing them until someone comes along and proves that there is a more effective way than this.  As of this point, I have not found it.

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