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Unlimited Abundance Lies

Here is a question that a reader sent in regarding the Unlimited Abundance Course with Christie Marie Sheldon.  Please note that whatever I share here as a response, is my own opinion.  I am not trying to speak for Christie Marie Sheldon.  These are my opinions and should not be taken as fact. They are from my experiences with this program and how I view unlimited abundance with respect the lies we need to clear.

I have written extensively on this subject from my first days of skepticism and harsh critique, to future moments where I could begin to see results.   I was a very rough critic at first until I decided to give it a try.  At first I wondered if it would truly help me and then I began to see enough results that I kept going.  It wasn't until recently that I finally made major progress and this month has been one of my best months in a very long time.  I'm only share on this blog, what things have worked for me and some of my own personal journey along the way.  I rarely ever talk on this blog about something I have not personally tried.

The question asked was in regards to not being able to identify the lies and can you clear the lies without listening to the audio.  Below is my response to these questions and concerns.  For more information, you could always contact Mind Valley which publishes the Unlimited Abundance Program.

I think I remember not being able to identify the lies at first and I finally just said, okay - I'll let myself be where I'm at.  That isn't easy for me because I want to have the answers delivered to me in first class mail and I want them now!  But the more I kept going through the sessions and just "playing along" if you will, the more I started to identify things in my life that I needed to work on.  In many ways though, it was already happening on an energetic or subconscious level.  At some points, I was not able to articulate what those lies were or what I needed to work on - - they were there, I just couldn't articulate them.

I think you can clear the lies without listening to the audio, but in many ways, it could be compared to learning how to ride a bicycle.  When I first learned, I used training wheels.  Other kids didn't and we both learned how to ride a bicycle.  The thing is though, those training wheels helped my body to begin to learn balance and through repetitive use, my balance "muscles" (for lack of a better way to state this) got trained.  I realize this is a very simple example, but in many ways, I think when we are lacking abundance in our life, we need that "regular training" to rewire those things we've done all our life.  That is where her sessions helped me the most.  They gave me the repetitive coach training my mind needed to think differently, rather than my fears taking over and pulling me down.  It was like I needed to learn a new habit - one that was a good habit.  I needed to rewire the neural pathways and it took the repetition of listening to the program on a routine basis.

Like you I was desperate to see things change in life.  I was struggling to exist and felt like life was an uphill battle.  Then, just when I began to get discouraged thinking that I wasn't getting anywhere on abundance and feeling like life was completely hopeless, I listened to my intuition and a small voice in my head.  I was fighting to continue in life and knew it was time to see someone that had really helped me move past some things energetically in my life.  I fully believe now (looking back) that this was part of my way moving forward into abundance.  I could not see it at the time and it didn't feel like anything good.  I just needed to release some major blocks in my life and the course helped me get to that point.  It brought the right person along at the right time (and just in the nick of time).

Anyway, after that healing sessions I went through - everything completely changed.  I just don't think I would have gotten there if it had not been for all the stuff I did with Christie Marie Sheldon sessions.  They laid the groundwork for me to do this.  Since that time, a whole new host of things have opened up for me including financial stuff.  I've had opportunities show up that weren't even on my radar and normally I would have missed them.  I've had other things show up that most likely will lead me forward in my life and these things are just happening without any effort.  This past month has left me shaking my head as to the possibilities that exist.  I sort of doubted it was possible to begin to tap into these things when I first listened to Christie Marie Sheldon, but the more my mindset changes - the more my life changes.  I just would have not gotten there on my own.

As you can tell, I'm really excited right now with all of this because up until this point, I hit many brick walls.  I'm learning that the more I get out of my own way, the more things show up.  The more I reprogram my neural pathways with the clearing statements, the more I find a part of myself that doesn't lack abundance.

To learn more check out the website on the Unlimited Abundance Program with Christie Marie Sheldon.

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