Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Integrity Does A Body Good

Integrity Does A Body Good
Hiding in the shadows, only the darkness knows or at least it seems that way at times.   Integrity seems to be lacking these days, but yet the darkness of our actions seems to be the main emphasis in life.  In fact, some might say that integrity is no longer the norm as it once was in our society.  We have drifted into the realm of the dark side of life while claiming it is what we have always known.  For truth shines a light that is much greater than the darkness, but a lack of integrity tries to alter what we know to be the truth into a form that appears to be the truth.

All my life I have had a truth detector built in just like I see in Judge Judy and others.  I have always told people around me, don't try to lie to me because if I don't' figure it out at that moment, most likely I will in the days ahead.  I'm skeptical by nature, but I read body language and match words against what the body is saying.  If they don't match up, I get suspect of what the person is saying.  I match it against previous communication or store it in my memory bank to do comparative analysis in my mind at a later time.

Some people are easy to spot when they are not being fully honest, while others do a great job of hiding it.  It is much easier to see then most realize.  I believe there is an energetic vibration that alerts the mind and body to what is being said and what is truly meant.  Unfortunately, the dark side of lacking integrity tries to make us believe that we can say and do whatever we want without anyone detecting what is going on.

Advertisements, politicians, leaders and news media are great manipulators of our time.  We all want to believe it is the ones that don't agree with us or make us upset, but in all reality - all of these organizations do it.  Churches, religious institutions, new age groups of all types do the very same thing.  They have an agenda and they work hard at trying to get people to buy into what they want you to believe is the truth.  They have a way of presenting integrity as their own beliefs, opinions, and practices.

We are so unconscious in this world right now that even the slickest of lies and half truths can sail right into our mind and body appearing to be full of integrity.  More often than not, we fail to see what is right before our eyes.  We follow that which the crowd believes and we embrace that which we cannot prove deep within our soul.

Sooner or later I believe we will come to a time in this world where integrity will once again rule the day.  We will take ourselves down the path of fantasy to the point that no one will even be able to believe in this world.  In our world, we have tipped the balance beam to the point of false integrity and truth so badly, that an event so great is going to have to take place to help balance the scales.

Integrity does a body good, because even though you may or may not be fully aware of how it shows up in the mind body consciousness, it is there.  When we operate from half truths and beliefs that cannot be proven with repeatability, we shower our body with an energy that does not match up with the mind and spirit.  Just because we believe something to be true and we claim we can prove it, we may be missing the most fundamental building block that connects our beliefs with truth.

It is time for us to stop living in a fantasy world when it comes to how we operate in our day, our mind and our body.  It is time for us to start discovering what truth really is and that most likely what we know to be truth is nothing more than an illusion.  We get so locked on to a set of beliefs from our early days of existence that we fail to really live life and embrace all that life has to offer.

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