Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Abundance In Unexpected Ways

While I fully feel that unlimited abundance is not just about money, sometimes they go hand-in-hand.  The other day I found abundance in an unexpected way.  It took me totally by surprise and in that moment I could not see it.  Once I got beyond it by a few moments, I began to see it differently.

A client I was working for on contract had an unexpected job come up for me.  While the travel distance seemed to be greater than I wanted, the company really needed someone there at that moment.  They had had other people not show up and so they really needed to save face in this situation.  I finally agreed to go and after an earlier job in the week, I was already stressed.

Arriving at the site, I could not reach any support staff and so I was on my own with inadequate documentation to do the task.  I did what I felt was appropriate, but later found out that I had done the wrong thing and had to start all over again.  I was furious and ready to walk out the door because the support staff that was unavailable earlier, was now talking to me with an attitude.  To make a long story short, I ended up coming back the next day which combined with another unexpected moment to bring in some significant income that day.

The moral of this story for abundance in unexpected ways is that by going through the stressful moments of this week, I ended up with more income than I most likely would have earned.  It was those difficult moments that yielded much more than I ever expected at the beginning of the week.  I could have gotten upset and said enough, I won't go back, but if I would have done that I would have been kicking the gift horse in the mouth.

Sometimes we find abundance in unexpected ways and sometimes we don't even know it is taking place until we can look back on what took place.  It is far too easy to want to see things in the way we want to see, rather than opening ourselves up to all that there is.  We get so busy trying to stuff abundance into a preconceived ideas that we block all that we are asking for in our life.

If we open ourselves up to all that is around us and for us in this world, we will find that it is not limited.  Allowing ourselves to see things from a much wider perspective, will get us so much further.  I saw this so plainly this week that when the stressful moments arrived, if I would not have put it in perspective, I might have missed a good income flow.  In fact, out of this entire ordeal, much more is now headed my way.   I'm just glad I didn't close my eyes to unlimited abundance in unexpected ways.

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