Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take A Massage Time Out

So many of us go through our day, packing in one event after another.  We spend very little time giving our body as well as our mind the time and respect it deserves.  We push ourselves beyond our limits.  Somehow, we view our life as that of being strong by pushing ourselves harder and harder.  In all reality, we need to just take a massage time out.

Yes, we all know that massages generally feel good and they help us relax.  Some of us in this world even spend regular time getting body work.  However, many people feel that massages are something you only do once or twice in your life time.  Some people feel that it is just something special you treat yourself with on a vacation.  Unfortunately to take a massage time out in life is much more than something you do once in a blue moon.  It has great health benefits.

If you have read articles in the newspapers or magazines, you most likely know many of the health benefits.  However, there is a disconnect when it comes to what people read and hear, and what sinks into the mind.  Massages not only help you feel good and relaxed, but they help improve the circulation of the body and move toxins out.  They help get rid of stress and tension, and help you connect more deeply with your body.  The more you connect with your body, the more aware you become and it helps you see life differently.

Massages and various bodywork forms help us balance our mind and our body.  They help us find peace and moments of deep connection to all that is around us.  It gives us that moment of pause that we so often fail to allow into our life.  Taking a massage time out helps us move through those difficult moments in life where we are more likely to see hope and possibility, rather than only our struggles.

If you haven't had a massage in the past year or even the past 6 months, you are pushing yourself too hard!  Would you drive your car for a year without doing any maintenance on it?   Would you go days without eating or drinking or taking care of yourself?  Most likely in these examples you would not do those things, yet you are neglecting your body and your health.  Health is not just once a month doctor's visit or doing some healthy activity every now and then.  Health is learning to take care of your body.

I would strongly urge you to try to schedule a massage once a month.  If you take a massage time out in this way, you'll find that not only life is most likely something you enjoy more, but your overall physical health will improve.  We don't have to wait until we are sick and need to see a doctor to begin really taking care of our body.  We can do that every day and a massage time out is one of those ways.

Stop neglecting your body and begin taking care of it.  We only get one body in our life time and if we burn this one out, there isn't a replacement for it.  All the medications and medical procedures in the world can't bring us back to a balanced state of health.  It is up to each one of us to honor and respect our body, not treat it as if it is something that will just take care of itself.

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