Thursday, July 1, 2010

Balance For The Mind And Body

Balance is so very important to our lives and yet it is easy to be knocked or pulled certain directions in life. Whether it is noise in our day, pains we must face or having to determine what our priorities are, we all are influenced by these things.

If you notice though, there are people who are able to stay the course. They know the route they need to sail and so nothing veers them off course.

Then, there are others that are tossed to and fro, as the waves of life batter their ship. The waves don't have to be very strong either. They hold on for dear life, hoping that only smooth waters are in the future. Yet, they forget that the wind not only propels them but it creates the waves. It is hard to have one without the other.

So how do we deal with life when it seems to be more in control with us as willing participants. Maybe if we stopped each day and gave ourselves a moment of pause, we would clear our minds to put our day in a different view. What if instead of trying to mask the pains we felt, we looked for the courage to allow them to speak their messages to us? What if we held our moments of quietness in the same regard and emphasis as we do for our busy moments?

Yes, it may be true that this could lead us to changes in our lives. It may push us to rethink our priorities in any given day. It all depends of course, on what gets our attention in our day and what we choose for our lives.

Our bodies send us messages through pain, when we fail to listen to them. Our lives send us discomfort, when we are stepping off into the edges of our path. When we run from our fears, questions of what we should do and moments of confusion hold us from embracing the courage that we need.

In the end, all the answers we need for our life can be found within us. While others may help us to discover our truth we hold inside of us, it is our self and our body that holds the answers. We will not find them anywhere else. It is up to each one of us to be open, to listen and to allow the messages and wisdom we hold, to come forth. All too often we stifle the message and curse the messenger.

It sounds so simple but sometimes fear makes us think we have a giant to conquer. However, if we stuck a tiny pin into the giant, it would deflate instantaneously.

May each of us examine our life and embrace our own messages as we find our courage to put the pin into the giant of our fears. May each of us not run and hide but fully embrace every little part of our lives and our bodies. For the more we become one with ourselves, the more united we are. So, when the winds of life blow on our sails, we will be strong and secure. We will be at one with our life and who we are as an evolving and growing consciousness.

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