Sunday, July 18, 2010

Listening To The Universe

How much do we miss in our day? It is most likely much more than any one of us want to admit. The messages are there but in our culture and society, we've been well trained to just go on in our daily life and sort of ignore them. It is like getting a cell phone call, and then dropping the call. The universe is then saying to us, can you hear me now?

While there may be some very gifted people that are meant to connect with the universe in a special way, I believe that anyone can do this. I believe we all can get messages if we are open to them and allow them to come in. All too often, we close our lives off through fear and shutting down that stream of information we so long for.

Isn't it amazing that there is no shortage of people in this world asking questions of what they should do in life. The questions include finances, abundance, relationships, jobs, careers and purpose in their lives. They often seek out others to tell them what they should be doing in life. While others may help them discover some of their truths, they often give their power up to those people. At the same time, they fail to connect with their own internal message stream.

Things like not trusting one's self, fear and past experience can muffle the message or block it out all together. Staying so busy in our lives or chasing the wrong rainbow gives us little opportunity to connect. Having low self confidence, leaves us doubting all that we experience, wondering if we are trusting a thief in the night or a good Samaritan. Past trauma and even current day stress can distort all that we view and pick up in our days even with the best of intentions.

This information is so valuable to us. It shows up through heart tugs, feelings of ease or difficulty, abundance or lack, body pain and illness and many other ways. How we feel in our lives is the prompt to evaluate our direction. If we attempt to hide from the things we need to face, can we expect a good outcome for our daily lives?

Yes, often we are not sure what the next step is. I have been at the point of being physically paralyzed from a conversion disorder and quite literally did not know how to take the next step. I had to trust that the physical therapist and doctors knew how to help me. I had to have the courage and determination to keep trying no matter how tough it got, to function once again. I had to allow myself to focus in the moment, and on my body, so that I could recover. Sometimes we do not know what to do, but inaction or doing nothing will get us no further than we are in the moment.

It all starts with quieting our minds, connecting to our bodies and allowing ourselves to open up and listen. Acknowledge the fears so that you are able to let them go. Let the energy of the fears and pain, help motivate the change instead of allowing it to pull you under. Spend time regularly allowing yourself to stop, rest and be open. Allow yourself the opportunity to listen. Give yourself the permission.

Then, just observe what thoughts, patterns or yearnings you notice. See what thoughts pop into your mind and prompt you to take action. See how different events make you feel and move towards the ones you are passionate about. Let yourself be in the moment, giving yourself the permission to just open up and listen and connect with all that you are.

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