Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Allowing Good Things In Our Life

Allowing things to happen in the way they need to is often easier to say than it is to do. It is easy to think that we do allow things in our lives but if we are truly honest with ourselves, we do often hold back. It is part of our human nature.

Many times, we ask for things in our life, whether it is for money to pay the bills, abundance in our life, a new job, or other changes we desire and need. We visualize and we pray and we talk about all of these things but yet, they never seem to show up. We then become discouraged thinking that we are not good enough to deserve these things and that is why they are not showing up.

When they do try to show up in our consciousness, we are often busy self sabotaging our lives that we don't see these things. It has been said that what we need for our lives is around us and within us. All we have to do is tap into it, turn it on, and allow it to come into full view.

One recent example within myself is that I was desiring the opportunity to do something I loved to do. Over and over I hoped for it, wished for it and tried hard to visualize it. I felt as if I was not getting anywhere. All of the sudden, my mind had one of those light bulb moments, where I realized that I already had what I needed for the opportunity I was seeking. All I had to do was to put it together. It was there all the time but since I was spending my energy hoping for it, I was missing what was there. I was not allowing it to unfold and happen.

Allowing is not always an easy thing for humans to do. We want to give ourselves the fake illusion that we are in control. We need nothing else because we are all powerful. It is true that we are powerful beyond comprehension but when that power turns into a road block for our lives, it holds us back from allowing things to happen. There is a difference between the power that helps move us forward the power that is from the ego.

To allow good things and the things we desire to come into our stream of consciousness, we need only to stop and search deep within. We are already engulfed by so many wonderful things. We just need to stop, seek and find. Yes, it most likely will entail great personal growth, but without that, we do not evolve as humans.

Take a moment throughout today and your days ahead to notice where you focus your energy. We all have things we must do in a day and sometimes what we feel we must do are not as they appear. Look at where your focus goes. Is this feeding the route to which you desire to go? Is it bringing you closer to what you seek in life? Is your life filled with ease and is it flowing?

Then, consider how you might change the slightest thing in your life which will bring your energy and focus in line with your desires. It could be a shift of thought and outlook. It could be a change in something you do in your day. It could be asking a simple question such as "how do I allow this into my life?". There are many things you could do and the possibilities are endless.

There is that part of us located deep within our body that is our compass and barometer. It prompts us to go forward, to listen to connections in life and help us find lighting for our path. If we tap into this powerful force within us, it will not only help us to become more consciously aware but will help us tap into that place of allowing things to happen in our life. It is our connection to the stream of consciousness we have for our lives. May we allow it.

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