Thursday, February 2, 2017

Being Human Is More Than Thoughts

Far too many shortchange the human experience.  Everyone wants to focus on the mental side of living - what the mind thinks, believes, and experiences.  Being human is more than thoughts and unfortunately this is a foreign concept in the world.

Even as I try to explain, teach and show through my own life's examples, it doesn't sink in most of the time.  There is too much parsing of words and thoughts that really keep humans off track and running down paths that just circle around.

There is more than just living in the "now".  There is more than what is in this moment.  Yes, those are great concepts, but if you only focus on these concepts, you've dismissed the possibility of what else there is.  There is far more than we know and far more than we really allow ourselves to know.

Being human is more than thoughts.  It is about going deep within your body and feeling the intricate layers while allowing your mind to connect in ways that are almost unimaginable.  Sure, we say we do this, but the vast majority of people that do, don't fully comprehend all that this entails and all that exists when you do this.

We've just limited ourselves...

There is so much more and if we boil life down to some thoughts and beliefs and opinions, we're just putting limits on ourselves.  It may feel good.  It may feel safe.  It may give us a moment of feeling like we know more than others.  However, we've just limited ourselves from truly experiencing that which we don't see.

Until I went through the work I have, I thought I knew a lot.  I thought I was aware.  I thought I was conscious.  It was not until I connected deep within my body and felt every pain, every experience, every feeling and every thought, that I found I was no where near consciousness.

We can't dismiss consciousness because we choose to stay unconscious and disconnected.  We can't be aware if we don't fully go in and feel through the felt sense every facet of life that we have not yet seen or understood.

Living from the inside out...

Being human is more than thoughts.  It is about living from the inside out, being aware physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally of what there is that we cannot see.  It is not about what we cannot see, but the fact of allowing ourselves to tiptoe into that which we are not aware of in this moment.

It is through awareness that we become more conscious and the more conscious we become, the more aware we become.  Life is not about philosophy and belief and opinion.  It is about living in the body to the fullest extent we can in this moment, recognizing that we've only just begun our journey.

Living in a human body is the key to connecting so much more than we know today.  Disconnecting from our body is something we all do to a great extent.  We don't feel as much of our body as we think we do, but until you experience this felt sense - you are limiting yourself with thoughts that are not serving you well.

There is so much more.  I had to find out the hard way when I was paralyzed, but it led me to a discovery that when we travel deep within our body through the painful experiences we have encountered, the peace and joy and healing beyond that is more than I can find words to say.  For it is not a thought process, but one of truly connecting the mind with the felt sense of the body.

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