Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Thyself on Valentines Day

Today is Valentines Day.  If you're single and alone, it sucks.  I know, I've been there.  If you're married, you might feel obligated to spend enormous amounts of money to show someone that you love them.  If you're like me, it's not quite another day, but it one that I like to do something special with my special person.

We don't spend a lot of money on each other.  We've never been that way.  Something special we find to do that just is something we enjoy and can spend quality time together.  That's how we celebrate it.  Besides, who really wants to buy a lot of stuff that seems to end up in a thrift store later on.  Believe me, it does!

Instead of letting the day be a downer if you're single and alone - try something different.  Try loving thyself first.  Go to the park.  Go to a movie or something you enjoy.  Take a walk.  Hang out with others.  Do something fun or creative that you've been wanting to do, but never find the time to do it.

Hey, you could always send yourself "flowers" from a secret admirer and then play the game where ever you live or work as if you don't know who sent them to you.  See, there are all kinds of ways to have fun on this national day of love as we call it.

Loving yourself is far more important than anything else.  By loving yourself, you can be there for others or be there for someone else that truly matters to you.  If you don't love yourself fully, the rest doesn't matter.

If you have someone special in your life, love yourself enough that you can love them fully and let them love you back.  You know, sometimes it is so hard for us to allow others to truly love us back.  Try letting your guard down a little for the day and see what happens.


Of course, you don't just have to wait for Valentines Day to love yourself or others.  You can do it 365 days a year.  The world needs much more love than shows up, so the more you practice it, the better you are making the world.

Spending a lot of money on someone doesn't necessarily mean you love them more.  It can be an expression of love, but it definitely is not needed to show your love.  Spend some quality time with yourself or those that you love and I think you will end up thanking yourself for it on Valentine's Day!

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