Thursday, February 9, 2017

Can I Keep Going?

Some days, it feels like the vultures are circling.  Some days I'm not sure if I care because I feel exhausted and tired and like this moment will never end.  Some days it just feels all too much for me to take in.

The question becomes, can I keep going?  I know, I probably can, but often times it sure doesn't feel like it.  It feels like it is a circus ride that will never end.

I know I've been here before.  I know I've beat the odds of what was supposed to happen.  I know I wasn't supposed to make it this far according to the doctors and my friends - but I did.

Some days it is hard to see the support around me, much less listen to it.  Some days, my body and mind feel tired and worn out from the fight.  Yet, I know I can't stop - there's so much more left to do.

Can I keep going?  I sure hope so!  Even in the moments where I think all hope is loss, I cling on to the hope that tomorrow or the next moment will be different.  Something will make it worth more than I think it is now.

Its not always easy...

Can I keep going?  No, its not easy.  I won't sugar coat it.  Yet, I know I have come this far and I have to keep going.  I have to win because the more I make it, the more the monsters in my life fail.  I cannot let them win.

For now, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes I take big steps and sometimes they are little steps.  Once in awhile I stand still or take a step back to balance myself.  Yet, I keep trying to walk forward.

It is up to me if I can keep going or not.  I feel like my life has endured so much already and it has.  I am just not ready to stop and sit in the ditch along the road of life, thinking there is no use to continuing on.

I will keep walking.  I won't give up!

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