Monday, February 13, 2017

Bumps And Bruises

(by Natural Healing Gal, Marie)

Things that go bump…

My all time favorite Homeopathic remedy is Arnica Montana.

According to Dr. Luc, "Arnica is the king of the trauma remedies and king of the sports remedies. Arnica is good for the whole family for bumps, bruises, pulled muscles, and overuse of muscles…"

Well, he is so right! I tend to bruise quite easily, and I am not the most graceful person.  My cat, Otis (who passed away a few years ago) would walk across my lap and I would occasionally see bruises like his paw prints! I began taking Arnica 30C anytime I bumped into a chair, hit my head on the car roof, or fell in the grass when I was running. For minor bumps and bruises, one dose (see article Starting with Homeopathy on doses) is all that is needed. To my surprise, the bruises were minimized, and if I took the remedy right away, there was usually no bruise at all. The best part? No side effects.

I soon realized I could use Arnica for a heavy workout when my muscles were sore. It worked so well, and I felt better quickly!

I began to give it to my pets when they bumped into something or fell. One time my sheltie, Desi, was heading into the house and did not see the glass sliding door was closed. OUCH… I immediately gave him Arnica and he recovered from it very quickly. In that case I gave him an extra dose a few hours later.

Our pets cannot tell us how they feel, so we have to watch for signs carefully. Running in dog sports, they can get a mild injury that we may not notice for a while. I have a massage therapist that works on my dogs who would find mild injuries from time to time. When I began giving them Arnica 30C after a long day of competition, the sore muscles and misalignments usually found were minimized greatly.

Once when I was running at a competition indoors, I was knocked down and hurt my ribs. We were running on a dirt surface that was not very forgiving. When I stood up, the pain was pretty strong.  Since I have never broken a bone, I had no idea if it was broken…I just knew it hurt to breathe. Luckily, I had my kit with me as I try to take it with me on all my travels. I took Arnica 30C right away, but it still hurt a lot. I told a friend about my concern, and she said, there is one way to know. Lie down. You will know by the pain you feel. OH my…

I considered going to the doctor.  I could not lie down until I got home several hours later. When I did, I felt it POP and saw stars. Luckily it was momentary, and I was back to the pain I felt earlier that day. It felt like I had knocked a rib out of place, (and my chiropractor confirmed it at my next appointment).

Dr Luc has a protocol that he wrote about for a serious injury like that, and I followed it. Take Arnica 30C, then four hours later Arnica 200C, then another four hours Arnica 1M.  I actually made a mistake and followed it backwards, I used 1M first. It still worked like a charm! The pain was minimized the next day, and by the following weekend, I was back to running again, with very mild discomfort. I saw a light discoloration on my skin that could have been a bruise. A few days later it was gone.

I unfortunately had the opportunity over the last two years to try the protocol 3 more times. Sprained ankle, pulled leg muscle while running, and the last incident happened when I was visiting my grandchildren in Kentucky. I was playing soccer with my granddaughter and slipped on the grass and fell. I thought I was ok, but I bruised my big toe…and I had forgotten to take my travel kit with me! I tried to forget about it, but a few hours later my foot swelled up so I could barely get my shoe on, and I could only put pressure on my heel when I walked.

It was the night before Thanksgiving, and stores were closed the next day. Thankfully a local health food store was still open, and my incredibly helpful husband drove me in the freezing rain to find it. (He told me to write that!) They had Arnica 200C. I took it right away, and took a dose every 6 hours for the first two days. By the second day the swelling was gone, and on day 3 and 4 I took the remedy twice a day. I was walking normally again by the fourth day. By the following week I was able to dance in my Zumba class and run with my dogs.

I think I will remember to have Arnica with me next time!

-- Marie --

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