Friday, February 10, 2017

Go Deeper Into The Mind Body

Many humans sit on the edge of where they need to go.  Sure, we all like to think that we have traveled far beyond all that is possible, but.... have we really gone as far as we think we have.

We tend to sit at the edge, just before everything drops into the unknown and proclaim that we're further than we actually are.

Hey, consciousness and awareness is a constantly changing process that unfolds as far as we allow it.  I get that!  I understand it is a process and we all go at our different speeds.

What I'm challenging each person on is to go deeper into the mind body.

Yep, don't be content with where you are!  Go deeper into the mind body so that you can see all that you don't realize exists in this moment.  It is beyond the edge of what you know.  It is that darkness of the unknown.

Keep in mind that the mind body is not just a thought process.  It is a feeling process.  It is about connecting what you feel in the body, the cells, tissues, and everything in-between with what your mind is aware of in that moment.  It is further than most travel because we tend to ignore the body component.

Part of living in a human body...

Hey, we're human.  Humans automatically ignore the body component.  It is just part of living in a human body.  However, when you go deeper into the mind body, you realize that by connecting to those uncomfortable places, there's much more to gain as a result.

The trick though is to quiet your mind and body down so that you really and truly listen to what it is you're feeling in that moment.  When you grasp that, you begin a path of awareness that will lead you to places your mind may never have traveled.

In conjunction with your mind, you body will help open up a consciousness that you've never known before.  It will show you what is possible and that there is a road into the unknown that never had the opportunity to be seen up to this point of your life.

Go deeper into the mind body and find out who you really are!  It is a process.

The more  you discover about this connection, the more you will see that is beyond your current moment of all that is before you.

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